Water, Water Everywhere

Almost fell over with excitement when I saw the press shots of these beauties.

Once again H&M have done it - gone all fashion-for-charity on us.

This time it's for Wateraid - 25% of each purchase goes to the charity. And as we all know this means it's almost obligatory you buy.

Hitting their site and around 200 stores May 30th I think I'll be taking the morning off to clean up.

It's all very Stella McCartney SS'12-esque. There are some more pieces that I wasn't really a fan of so sorry, no shots of them. And some stunning jewellery but couldn't get shots of them but think Mawi chunky earrings and necklaces and you're on the right road.

Below are my favourite pieces. The day after they go into stores I fly out to Barcelona for a week and I need (not want) these in my suitcase...

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