A Clear Trend.

So it appears we are all about flashing our contents these days. The contents in question are those of our handbags. What started as a micro trend has become a fully fledged 'thing' and doesn't look set to die down any time too soon. The item I'm referring to is in fact perspex bags. Or plastic bags, if you will. But that really puts one in mind of a Tesco bag full of this weeks shopping, does it not? Perspex it is then!

Seen in the mitts of everyone from bloggers to magazine editors they are now sneaking their way onto the high street and nestling nicely into the top 5 of my current shopping wish list.

Of course it means editing the contents of ones bag rather strictly. A bunch of screwed up receipts and a half eaten packet of mints doesn't really scream, "Got my shit together!" now, does it? But then comes the secondary, and in my opinion most important, level to this look. A smaller, inner, opaque bag. This is where those receipts can nest in peace away from prying eyes. So to the outside world I'm all Chanel hand mirrors, leather notebooks and slick smart phones but inside that inner bag is where the party's really at.

If you, like me, are intrigued by this pick-pocket friendly trend check out my top 10:

Charlotte Olympia | Spider Clasp Pandora Clutch | £645.00
New Look | Perspex Hard Box Clutch | £12.99
Forever 21 | Studded Clear Tote | £13.00

Accessorize | Dotty Perspex Clutch | £29.00
Forever 21 | Neon Boston Bag | £9.75
Alice + Olivia | Lucite Box Clutch | £195.00

Bruuns Bazaar | Bette Clutch | £49.00
American Apparel at ASOS | Clear Backpack | £50.00
Alexander McQueen McQ | Large Fabric Bag | £78.00
H&M | Makeup Bag | Sold out online but still available in most stores

I can't quite pinpoint what it is about this look that appeals to me so much. Perhaps I've been suppressing my desire to parade all my lovely possessions in front of everyone and, until now, wasn't sure how to. Who knows? I certainly don't, but what I do know is I want one! While Charlotte Olympia is the undisputed queen of this trend there are a lot of alternatives in all price ranges so expect to see me clutching one of the above beauties soon - just don't ask me to open that inner bag...

I'll leave you with my clear (teehee) favourite from the catwalks. I mean, seriously. *swoon*


Around The World In 80 Gems.

It's been a good week. Fantastic in fact. After 8 weeks of job hunting I finally got an offer I could barely believe, let alone refuse. So a week next Monday I rejoin the working masses and I couldn't be more excited about it. City centre based, but with lots of travel, I am optimistic that this job is going to blow everything I've known so far in my career right out of the water.

So I'm sure you can understand why, when I received a parcel from Swarovski, I pinched myself to check I was actually awake. New job and new jewellery? Too good to be true.

When I opened the parcel a smaller blue box was inside with a postcard attached to it explaining its surprise presence in my life:

"Dear Sarah,
Swarovski welcomes you to Tropical Paradise.
We have launched our first ever fashion-inspired online travel guide and we'd love to invite you on our journey.

Visit to find out more.
Love, Swarovski"

I think we can all imagine how quickly I opened the attached box to examine the contents. 

Nestled inside was a very beautiful friendship style bracelet - but as you can see this particular bracelet packed a punch. Seven Swarovski crystal punches to be precise.

My next stop was the accompanying website I'd just been enlightened about. The front page is intriguing and opens into a fashion focused site full of travel and style tips. Taking inspiration from the likes of Etro, Elie Saab and Oscar de la Renta, Swarovski have really upped the stakes with this latest campaign. It's all about matching their gems to your travels.

Having just launched this month it's a growing project which is even offering competitions to win a trip to their chosen destination each month - February: Rio, March: Amazon, April: Mexico etc. If that isn't enough to catch your attention I don't know what is!

After entering this months competition the only thing left for me to do was slip on my lovely gift and enjoy it!

Thanks Swarovksi, see you in Rio! (Hopefully!)



Been a hectic one this past week. Four interviews, wedding organising (my sister's), Valentines, Japalentines, shopping, dog walking etc. etc. A busy one.

So rather than bore you with a natter-y update on my life I thought I'd do this via the medium of insta-images. After all, the point of a blog is the peek into other's lives, right?


Morning view
New necklace
Morning coffee
Pink lips
Red lips
New Zara shirts
Embracing warm hats
My Valentine's flowers
V-day card
Zara print
A stroll through town
More from me tomorrow when I'll be showing you a very lovely gift I received in the post this week from Swarovski. 


What To Wear...Valentines Edition.

So it's finally upon us. Valentines Day is merely hours away and all around the UK I just know there are thousands of girls, like me, feverishly applying face masks and all over body moisturisers to make sure that tomorrow we look the best possible version of ourselves. Goddess-like, if you will. But try as we may all that plucking, waxing, coating and conditioning can't help us make the biggest decision of the day...
What to wear?!

It's the worst part of getting ready for any event, I think. But once I've found that perfect outfit you can almost see my mood do a 180 degree turnaround so with that in mind I thought I'd present four options for four possible Valentines situations to help instill some inspiration in those who feel powerless in front of Cupid right now. And single girls? You're not forgotten - read on too.

Option 1 is for the quintessentially romantic thing to do - a lovely dinner in a good restaurant.

I know it's snowed today but tomorrow's supposed to be markedly warmer so why not crack out a fun, vibrant dress and throw on some killer heels. A leather biker jacket over the top stops this look being too formal and some chunky cocktail rings finish it off nicely. Since it is Valentines Day why not try out a theme clutch bag? I love this one from Lulu Guinness! Some nude makeup keeps the focus on your dress and when you're looking this good why should it be anywhere else?

Option 2 is for those lovebirds who fancy a drink and a dance more than a sit down meal:

Since it's essentially just a glorified date night I wanted to keep this look current with just a nod to the festivities. Again with the theme clutch bag - this time from Mimco; and those excellent shoes from Vivienne Westwood keep this look lightweight and fun. At the moment I'm into crop tops in a big way but I've found the trick to them if you're over...say...17(!) is never to wear them without a jacket unless on a dance floor. The jacket covering your back and sides means that only the smallest portion of flesh will flash at any one time and really that's all you need. Thick eyelashes and some cocktail earrings will set this look off brilliantly and make you the envy of any bar you enter.

Option 3 is for the girls like me - going round to their other halves to have a great, home-cooked meal, watched a DVD and partake in quite possibly too much wine:

For most, myself included, a night in with t'fella means that things aren't as sparkly as they would be if you were out in public but this doesn't mean all femininity need be forgotten only to be replaced by old jeans and a t-shirt. Staying in does not mean dressing down! H&M have just released this great stripy cotton dress. It's a keeper as it will look just as great with thick tights and high ankle boots as it will in summer with a tan and sandals. For V-day why not throw on a statement necklace and a nice coat - you never know, you might plunder the wine and end up in the local bar. (I speak from experience.) And if, like me, you're taking round some ingredients why not do it in an oh-so-topical tote bag? Ones like these are available all over the place from Tesco to Topshop.

Option 4 is for all you single girls or ladies who just want to spend it with their gals...Thought I'd forgotten about you? Oh no!

Yes, another themed clutch bag. What can I say? Cupid's got to me this year. As an established lover of jumpsuits I think they're the best way to look relaxed without bordering on slobby when having a chilled one with the girls. The current trend for hidden wedge trainers hasn't appealed to me until now - as soon as I saw them in this muted animal print they found their way to the top of my wish list. And a comfy, printed bomber keeps this look casual but current. Bright pink nails and lips will look perfect against the muted colour palette and top it all off nicely. Whether you're going round to a friends, out for a bite or a full on all-nighter is what you're seeking why not do it in something that makes you look and feel great?

So that's it - my general guide to what to wear this Valentines Day. As I said it's purely for inspiration so I haven't linked any of the pieces I've used but if you want to know where anything is from just leave a comment and I'll post the link back to you.

Happy Valentines! Have a great one, whatever you're up to.


Taking It To The Streets.

It's that time of year again. The Shows have rolled round once more and kicking it all off this week is New York Fashion Week. Getting us fashion-heads into a frenzy and focusing on A/W '13 there are shows galore happening every day.

But something I've always enjoyed, possibly more than the content of the catwalks themselves, are the people attending the shows. More specifically their sartorial choices. It's been well documented on this blog that I love to people watch - my most prized possessions being Scott Schuman's books on street style. If ever I wake and am unsure what to don to him I turn - or to his books - and without fail I am inspired and feel good about what I'm wearing as a result.

But it doesn't stop there. There are a plethora of fellow bloggers whose style never ceases to turn me a little green-eyed-monster-y and I've chosen my top 3 of NYFW so far to share with you today.

First up the always eclectic and entertaining Susie Bubble or Style Bubble:

I've been a fan of Susie's since I became aware of blogs really. She's a great writer so even if you can't get on board with her choice of threads I'd find it hard to believe you didn't appreciate her natter. Not your typical 'here's what I wore today' blogger she's definitely one to crack onto if you haven't already - which I'm sure you have!

Another fantastic blogger I like to check up on every chance I get is The Blonde Salad (or Chiara Ferragni to her friends.) She seems to live an impossibly cool life in Italy; all Vespas, great friends and cute pet dogs, all the while pulling together some of the most colourful and enjoyable outfits I've seen in a while. And NYFW is no different - she refuses to let a little thing like Nemo change her choices and appears to have carried on regardless. Here's some of what she's been wearing:

And finally - a long standing idol of mine. Olivia Palermo. Ah, I even love her name. This NYFW Olivia has certainly taken the adverse weather into account but it's not dampened her style one bit - it appears to have, in fact, enhanced it. I swear - put a trapper hat on me and I'd look like I'd need sectioning. She places one every so stylishly atop her amazing mane and we've a new trend on our hands.

And she's look no less-stylish indoors. Keeping the colours muted  but the silhouettes ever so flattering to her frame she really is one to keep an eye on for all things fashion. She even blogs about dinner party etiquette. This woman is a goddess!

So that's my top 3 so far but we've got Milan, London and Paris to go yet so stay tuned for more street style opinions from me.

Who are your top stylish people to watch? Do share - I'm always on the look out for more!


Playing Footsie.

I'm not sure if any of you read the disturbing 'news' lately but this particular subject has been weighing heavy on my mind for a couple of weeks now so I've finally decided to air it out.

For years women have wondered, "Does this dress/that blouse/these trousers make me look fat?" But it appears we've been focusing on all the wrong places for pound-shedding illusion clothing. It's apparently all in the feet(!) (Ok, nobody's saying 'all' but whatever.)

A Vogue panel of experts has come together to decide platform shoes are OUT and single-sole, skinnier heeled shoes are IN. And, get this, their premise for supporting such a trend change? Our platforms are making us fat, or at least appear that way.

Yes, I can feel you doing it too - mentally totting up the % of your shoe wardrobe that has now been declared unacceptable by the almost biblical publication. It was the first thing I did too.

But really, if a heavy weight like Vogue is going to make such a swathing comment they surely cannot expect us to 'rectify' the situation without a hefty financial injection from themselves, no? Ok, no. But we can dream.

Instead I have resigned myself to the fact I own platform shoes that I still love, and I don't think make me look fat! I mean, really, as if women don't have enough body issues thrown at them from almost every glossy out there we now have to worry that our footwear is giving our clothes size away?! Give me a break.

I think this is perhaps the part of the article I take most issue with:

According to Bruno Frisoni, who designs his own line in addition to being the creative director of Roger Vivier, “There is something animal in the [single-sole] look—you feel the curve of the foot.” Bay states frankly that, “men really don’t like platforms—they find them totally unsexy. For them, even a kitten heel would be better.”

Honestly, if I met a man who even knew what a kitten heel was I'd be surprised but if he then went on to explain to me how he felt I would look sexier in one than a platform I'd think he needed his head testing. For one kitten heels are an abomination and, in my opinion, create more problems than they solve - cankles, anyone? And for two, I don't know about you, but I don't dress purely so the male of the species can appreciate me. I dress in things I enjoy and, more often than not, want my girlfriends to appreciate too. I do not dress for some stranger of the opposite sex I may or may not stroll past in the street.

I know this blog is usually reserved for lighter subject matters such as nail varnish or hair dye but this particular subject just got my back up a little. Mind you, I'm never one to miss an opportunity for a few new pairs of shoes (keeping my platforms firmly in my wardrobe, thank you!) and look at these single-soled stunners I've just found on ASOS...

Available here

Available here

Available here

Available here

I love, love, LOVE the last pair. And in the sale... The temptation is almost too much to handle. I might give in.

I sincerely hope that, like me, the majority who have come across the aforementioned Vogue article have dismissed it as fashion gone mad because I really think that's all it can be attributed to - madness.

And remember - no, your feet do not look fat in that!


All You Need Is Love. (And Swarovski.)

Well there's nothing like a good wedding to get love in the air and just when I thought it was all about to die down it turns out I've completely let a major date slip my mind. Valentine's Day is just around the corner! (Men: consider this your 1 week warning!)

Now, admittedly, I'm not usually one to celebrate this date but honestly that's probably because up until now nobody's really bothered about it but this year OH says we can't let it pass without some attention paid to it. And while I realise he probably means a nice home-cooked meal and DVD session I'm now thinking something more along the lines of these beautiful pieces, all by Swarovski...

Serenade Necklace £119.00
Sensible bracelet £74.00
Sensible small pendant £74.00
Nirvana Petite Rosaline ring £109.00 
Script Love charm £29.00 
Tricia Pierced earrings £39.00
Tasha key ring £54.00 
Nirvana ring £139.00 
Serenade pendant £39.00 
Tasha pierced earrings £69.00

All items above have their respective links beneath them so click away!

I think my personal favourites are the Tasha pierced earrings, the Nirvana ring and the Tasha key ring.
But if there's nothing above that is catching your eye enough to print it out and plant it in his pocket (the most subtle of hints I think you'll agree!) then why not look here at the entire Valentine's collection Swarovski are featuring in their online shop?

Happy Valentine's - let's hope it's a sparkly one!



After an absolutely brilliant weekend away celebrating the wedding of two excellent people I am back and just about recovered (well, it was an Irish wedding - I've needed a few days!)

As mentioned in my last post we'd all piled over to Belfast for the festivities. It's a city I'd never before visited so I was already excited. Add a wedding into the mix and my fear of flying was almost, almost forgotten. (OH might beg to differ since I almost crushed his hand in my vice-like fear-grip!)

I didn't get the plethora of images I was hoping for mainly because we were all having so much fun all weekend getting my phone out was often forgotten but here's a little insta-mix of what I did get.

Apparently OH and I didn't get the memo about being appropriate wedding guests. In our defense this was late into the night after a few (a lot of) Irish whiskeys. Also, after seeing some of the official photos it seems we were not alone in our state of revelry.  In fact, against some others we probably look quite demure here!

Belfast was a fantastic city and I'd definitely be keen for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th visit. So much to do and see.

And once again - congratulations Jenny and Sam on a beautiful wedding and brilliant weekend.