The Land of Soap and Glory

I've always been one for beauty products. Tell me it's shiny and new and I'll have it - usually despite the dent it may make in my bank account. But, if you're like me, you'll also be familiar with the disappointed feeling that comes with using a new purchase and realising it hasn't done what it promised - you aren't suddenly Olivia Palermo-esque beautiful. And so you end up with another redundant 'beauty' product that you really didn't need. Frustrating, non?

I first heard about my now favourite brand during Christmas 2010 when a friend of mine was given a gift hamper of the treasures from her parents. I'd popped to her bathroom to wash my hands before dinner and resurfaced about 30minutes later smelling and looking wonderful (if  do say so myself) The secret? Soap & Glory.

Usually with brands I don't already know I pay little to no attention. And that, my dear friends, is where I was very wrong. Soap & Glory have got it RIGHT.

Once I'd admitted to my friend I'd done her out of about half her body scrub, moisturiser and hand wash (she only slapped me lightly) she was quick to tell me they did more than bathroom beauties - oh yes - I could have a FACE full of stuff from them. And with that she quickly whipped out what has become my staple product; Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss.

At £8.50/£9.00 a pop it's not the cheapest on the market but personally I think it's the most effective. It promises to plump up lips and leave them soft. Which, in my opinion, it does. I have quite full lips anyway but I love that sort of soft look and wanted them a little bigger (but without sticking a needle in my face) so this is a god send. It has menthol stimulants in it that initially make your lips tingle and swell slightly. The tingle wears off after a short while but the plumped up feeling, colour and gloss stay.

Next on my list of must haves is Glow All Out face powder or Solar Powder Bronzo (I'm never one to turn down a bronzer) which are both £11. I had a Space NK face powder in an iridescent shade and it used to make my skin look radiant but I've been unable to find anything to rival this so have high hopes, off the back of my other successes with S&G, that this will work. I'll let you know...

After waxing lyrical to my house mate Lauren for some time about these products she decided to take a nosey herself and came across the next stunner of a product - Arch De Triumph (have to say I hugely enjoy the names they all have, does anyone else?)

A shaping and highlighting crayon for brows. Lauren didn't even tell me she'd bought it but literally the first time she put it on and I saw her I immediately asked if she'd had her brows professionally 'done' as they looked so defined (but not Scouse!) and the skin around them so bright. No, no my friends - no £20 in a salon's pocket for those bad boys. A reasonable £8 and yours to do time and time again - bargain!

Following last Christmas' envy at my friends hamper of S&G my Mum made the very good decision to follow suit this year and got me one (you'd never guess I'm almost 26, sound like a brat don't I?! I'm not!) "Hurrah!" I cried as I opened the bag containing the goodies and I am now very pleased to say my bathroom in my apartment is an S&G zone. I've never been a fan of showers, preferring baths, but now if I don't have at least 20mins S&G morning time in my shower I feel cheated - and believe me the following are worth getting up that little bit earlier for.

Firstly there's the dreamy shower gel - Clean On Me (ha ha) that, to my nose, smells of CK One and last ages. Once thoroughly soaped up I then exfoliate using:

Sugar Crush Body Scrub - the healthiest way for a sugar kick don't you agree? It leaves my skin feeling smooth and lovely.

And finally, once out of the shower and dried I submerge myself in their body butter:

Butter Yourself is brilliant. I hate body butters that leave your hands and skin feeling 'claggy' and this really doesn't. It's silky and moisturising and I just love it.

The brilliant thing about this range is that it is HUGE and available online on Boots or Harvey Nichols.
Alternatively pop into your nearest big Boots or HN and have a look at them first hand, but I don't think you'll be disappointed. (Tip: be sure to check prices - both tend to under cut each other on different products so you can save 50p here and there if you're clever about it.)

Once you've tried one I challenge you not to become an addict like me.


Amazing Alba.

For some time now I have been a big fan of Jessica Alba (although, I don't think even I could forgive Honey) and her style. I think she is one of the few 'celebs' who is truly able to look laid back chic in anything from an evening gown, to a bikini, to jeans and a T - I imagine she'd even be head turning in a bin bag.

Last week my aforementioned girl-crush was on a press day for her new brand in New York so you can imagine my excitement at discovering she made not 1, not 2 but 4 wardrobe changes - each one as lovely as the previous.

So I quickly hopped onto Polyvore to recreate them. I hope this gives at least someone a bit of style inspiration in this awkward transitional time between keeping essentially warm but introducing spring trends into your wardrobe.

Jessica was first photographed in this amazing Jenni Kayne pant suit which I think is something that, if I don't own by the end of 2012, I will cry over. I decided to sort of 'evening look' it up a bit and re-created it with a sleeveless Givenchy jacket (on sale now at Matches) and some colour pop accessories.

The second look is great for reminding people that navy and black CAN be worn together; and, evidently, look incredibly chic. I love this outfit for anything from a meeting, to week night drinks with friends to job interview. The classic Mary Janes teamed with a bright top keep the outfit formal enough but with a nod to the ever approaching spring trends. The wool coat over the top reminds us it's still chilly out there but wearing it open gives a peak at the florals within.

This is Jessica's 3rd change and my personal favourite (who'd have guessed it?!)
I love, love, LOVE the colours in this outfit and am itching to recreate it myself. The trousers I have used are from River Island and I've been in to check them out myself - beautiful quality and a great price point. I think RI might be a contender for prints on the high street.
Team them with a bright T that picks up one of the key colours in the print and an eye catching mac, OR shoes if you're not keen on full commitment to the colours, et voila - a stunning look. And all with your trusty black handbag.

The final outfit Jessica was 'papped' in is this classic black ensemble proving, even at the end of a long day she can look super stylish even if she is exhausted.
I love this look because it is so EASY to achieve. Everyone owns a black top, shorts/skirt and riding boots. Team that with some nice, thick tights, a good handbag, coat and hat and you're done. Ridiculously quick to put together but looks as if it's been so well thought through.

Anyway - must shoot. I have the couture shows to drool over on Vogue.com and Versace's just been uploaded. Heaven.


Global (Dress) Gathering

So, I know I'm a couple of days behind with this but I'm blaming being momentarily dumb-struck by the apparent lack of talent you need to be a stylist these days. Obviously not in all cases but to say I gasped in horror at quite a number of this years Golden Globes dresses I'd say there's a few people who need their P45 form handed to them..and the sooner the better.

I've read the reports, I've studied the pictures and I've watched the reviews but I just don't entirely agree with the dresses being praised and those being blacklisted.

So here I am, throwing my take on it all into the mix. You might disagree, and if you do please tell me. I love to listen to all opinions when it comes to fashion (not so much regarding tea..it's Earl Grey or no way!)

Firstly I'll line up the dresses I just could not forgive. And whatever reason they had for them isn't good enough. I'm talking to you Sarah Michelle "my daughter picked it" Gellar - your CHILD picked your Golden Globes Dress? Are you insane?!

  • Rooney Mara (Nina Ricci) - I expected more from the girl who's set alight so many red carpets of late. I just feel this dress is too safe and a little boring if I'm honest.
  • Naya Rivera (Vera Wang) - Whoever stitched that puckered seam needs sacked. That's the kind of thing I used to do in 1st year at university. And then immediately unpicked and restitched. Poor show.
  • Michelle Williams (Jason Wu) - She's so beautiful, I just felt this was like a heavy curtain on her.
  • Amanda Peet (Marc Jacobs) - This is just too much volume for a woman with such a lovely figure underneath. She looks as if she should be covering a loo roll!
  • Lady Victoria Hervey (unsure) - Not sure she got the memo but ladies certainly don't dress that way.
  • Emma Stone (Lanvin) - Wrong side of quirky; nobody needs an eagle on their belt at the Globes. Or ever.
  • Livia Giuggioli Firth (Armani) - Disappointing from the woman who made the effort she did for The Kings Speech premiere
  • Erin Wasson (who knows or cares) - I just. I can't.
  • Cameron Diaz (Monique Lhuillier) - I so wanted to approve but I just think this wasn't a figure flatterer. She has an amazing body but this just doesn't show it off well.
  • Charlize Theron (Dior) - Undeniably stunning but I think the dress is too fussy and that mixed hemline is no winner.
  • Salma Hayek (Gucci) - This has had rave reviews but I feel it fitted badly, was too fussy and didn't compliment her stunning figure enough.
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey (unsure) - No. Just no.
  • Angelina Jolie (Atelier Versace) - Again, this had great reviews but I think it's blah. Team Aniston.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar (Monique Lhuillier) - I think you already know my thoughts here.

Moans over here are my winners:

  • Reese Witherspoon (Zac Posen) - I've long been a fan of this actress and I think she looks absolutely breathtaking in this dress. Her casual hair suits the look down to the ground.
  • Guiliana Rancic (Basil Soda) - Guiliana continues to be an inspiration not only in her personal life but her fashion life too. Could not have more love for this woman if I tried.
  • Nicole Richie (Julien Macdonald) - I love the colour, the fit, the way she's accessorised it. In my eyes Nicole rarely puts a fashion foot wrong.
  • Julianne Moore (Chanel) - Absolutely rocking this seasons peplum trend proving it's not just for twenty-somethings.
  • Lea Michele (Marchesa) - This dress received some negative feedback from critics but I think Lea looks great and proves she can wear, and look knock out, in more than just Oscar De La Renta (her usual choice)
  • Kate Winslet (Jenny Packham) - Lately Kate has been seen time and time again in black and white dresses and looking fantastic. Why break the trend?
  • Paula Patton (Monique Lhuillier) - Monique's design team needed to get back on my good side after having two dummy dresses (in my opinion) and they've done it well this this stunner in the seasons new on trend colour. Well played.
  • Helen Mirren (Badgley Mischka) - All women over the age of 50 should look to Helen for style direction. Classy and cool.
  • Kelly Osbourne (Zac Posen) - Again Zac's pulled it out the bag. Kelly's received some stick for this look but I think she's pulled off the dress perfectly. And I think only someone with her rock'n'roll personality could do it so well.
  • Claire Danes (J.Mendel) - Another monochrome stunner. She just looks so lovely.
  • Heidi Klum (Calvin Klein) - I love the dress, I love the necklace, I love the woman. I am in love with this look.
  • Diane Agron (Giles) - Another girl who received some black marks against her fashion resume for this dress but I couldn't disagree more. Anyone who has the guts to wear a dress like this and pull it off gets props from me.
  • Madonna (Reem Acra) - Can't stand her. Can't stop looking at this dress. Looking fantastic.
  • Jessica Beil (Elie Saab) - Jessica's another who received mixed reviews but I think she looks classy and elegant and this dress is absolutely stunning so well done Elie too.
  • Sofia Vergara (Vera Wang) - I fell in love with her when I saw her in New Years Eve, what a comedy legend. But there's nothing funny about this dress. Ultra sexy. I'd get married in this bad boy!
  • Jessica Alba (Gucci) - I need no more reason to be in love with this woman. But if I did this dress would seal the deal. Besotted.

However, three dresses really stood out for me and for at least two of them I've read bad reviews. Couldn't disagree more.

Cue my top three:

  • Zooey Deschanel (Prada) - My It Girl of the moment and she hasn't disappointed. She looks incredible and her laid back hair and makeup compliment the dress perfectly. And did I mention it's a one off? Oh yes. Designed specifically for her. Jealous.
  • Piper Perabo (Theyskens Theory) - I am an advocate of volume; in my hair, in my music and most definitely in my dresses. This structured beauty from Theyskens Theory hasn't let me down.
  • Natalie Portman (Lanvin) - A label I've admired for as long as I can remember and an actress I adore. It puts my in mind of the dress Carrie was given by Alexander Petrovsky in Season 6 of SATC.  Portman and Lanvin: a match made in (fashion) heaven.

And with that I am done awarding and berating the stars and their stylists. Have a good evening.


Cannot Take A Step Backwards: EMU

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited to the press evening to preview Emu's A/W 12 clothing and shoe collection.

Now, as thrilled as I was, I have to admit prior to the event I knew relatively little about the brand as I'd always been smothered by popular culture into believing Ugg were the thing. In actual fact I only own one pair and those are for the truly frosty days Manchester can sometimes deal out. And when it's a 20 minute walk to work they are, at times, essential to ensuring I have feet at the end of the day.

Having now been to the press evening and viewed the array of product available from Emu I can happily say I am converted and don't ever want to look back.

Firstly I adore the brand name: Emu. The reasons behind it are all based around the characteristics of the bird but perhaps my favourite is that an Emu cannot take a step backwards so always remain moving forward. I think such a strong foundation line to a brand is essential and really reminds everyone what they're about: progression.

(A selection of the children's range of shoes. I don't know about you but I can certainly see Kingston Stefani rocking a pair of these!)

Obviously I had to ask the obligatory question: What makes your boots better than Ugg? And I was quickly answered. Anatomically correct insoles, rubber soles (very hard wearing - anyone who owns some Uggs will be familiar with the irritance associated with realising your soles no longer possess a crisp edge but a lazy worn away curve where the pressure's been on them), a moulded heel cup to stop that awful sideways slant you sometimes see people sporting, and brilliantly they are water resistant. I can vouch for this as the agent showing me the boots went on to pour a glass of water on the particular pair he had in hand and the moisture merely trickled off leaving not a mark. I was impressed.

I have to be honest...the typical ugg shape is not my favourite look for my feet so I was excited to see the huge variation Emu had to offer in terms of sheepskin lined lovelies. Biker boots, lace ups, moccasins and perhaps my favourite - the first fully sheepskin lined wellington boots on the market! Goodbye current Ugg boots, you are being replaced with these beauties as soon as I see the first leaves fall from the trees.

(If anyone's feeling generous I'm a size 6...in love with these!)

And in case the above wasn't enough to make you click onto Emu's site just wait until you hear the uber celebs who treasure theirs: Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, Courtney Cox, Alexa Chung, Louise Roe...I could go on.

I haven't even mentioned the accessories and clothing!

Fur gilets, leather jackets and knitted capes galore. I am in love. And I am counting down the days until I can get my paws on the beautiful ear muffs. I want them NOW!

It is safe to say I am already excited for this to hit stores and until it does I'll be clearing space in my wardrobe. Expect to see me in head to toe Emu come September. Delicious!


For me? I'll take some Kalda, please

A speedy post just to cement my love for a newly discovered (to me) label.

Established in 2010 by sisters and on the Drapers top 30 under 30 list this is THE label for my 2012.

Expect many more posts of me in similar looking outfits and pieces from their stunning S/S 12 collection. Better yet take a look at their site yourself and join me in the LOVE for these girls' creativity.

Some of my favourite pieces/looks from S/S 12:


Print Perfection

Off the back of yesterdays post I've been somewhat dwelling on what S/S 12 has in store for me, personally, fashion-wise. Having flicked through the show reviews (again) I was instantly reminded of the look that so entranced me back in September during the fashion weeks. 

And that look? Mirror prints.

I think perhaps my favourite designer for this is Mary Katrantzou. With a degree from Rhode Island School of Design, a BA from Central St Martins, the 2009 Swiss Textiles award AND the Emerging Talent RTW Award earned at 2011s British Fashion Awards it is with no hesitation that I trust this designer to inspire me for the upcoming season.

 (A small selection from Mary Katrantzous S/S 12 collection)

By now I'm sure you've grasped that I have very little fear of colours, unconventional tailoring and everything in between. So when I saw this collection combining all my favourite things I almost melted on the spot. The one thing I do have a fear of however, is bankrupting myself so I have long been aware I'm going to need to find an alternative route to the mirror printed destination.

Happily, it was literally within a month of the shows that I had my answer at a buying meeting. Cue unlikely contender Lipsy UK. Obviously I can't give too much away about their upcoming pieces but if you go to their site the below two beauties are already sitting there just waiting to be teamed with a bright clutch and killer heels...and just you wait until you see what else they have coming in. It's all I can do not to manipulate my deliveries to let me get my mitts on a 3/4 sleeve stunner. (I'm SURE I'll be uploading pictures on here once that's arrived.)

Another high street retailer who has been all over this trend is Warehouse. I think they've got some fantastic pieces and the two below are actually in their Sale currently so go and snap them up before they realise their crazy decision and jack them right back up to full dollar!

Topshop is usually a good bet when checking out new trends but I have to say I'm bitterly disappointed with their offering in prints. The lack of colour, or any eye-catching feature really, is a real let down from a company whose design team are usually so on the ball. Sort it out Sir Phil, eh?

Unfortunately I've yet to purchase any mirror prints myself yet (seriously, that upcoming Lipsy dress is worth waiting for) so I've done my usual - a couple of Polyvore sets.

Yet more proof that Warehouse are the #1 high street reps of this look at the moment - both tops are from them! (Note: those dreamy Steve Madden nude platforms are so close to last year’s Louboutins but about a tenth of the price.) Enjoy.


Fluro: A How To Guide

So... the past few months I've pored over the S/S 12 shows, magazine predictions and been to all my buying meetings and there's been one trend forecast I've been unable to avoid. Fluro.

If you're anything like me the mere word gives you the shivers and immediately transports you back to hideous 80s shell suits and sweat bands. Grim.

But, unfortunately, as a buyer/agent I am not at liberty to bypass such a strong look due to my personal mental flashbacks. However disturbing they may be.

It is definitely a look that is going to be all over the high street and me, being me, I know I'll have to at least dabble in it. So I have devised a few 'looks' that range from dipping your toe in to full on diving head first into the vibrancy of it all.

This is for those who want to nod towards the trend but are unsure how far to go. I think if you keep the main outfit basic, tone wise, it means the accessorising of it can be what keeps the look up to date but without taking too far a departure from your comfort zone.

Again, this is quite a basic day look and, I think, so easy to achieve. I'm sure you've been unable to avoid the bright coloured jeans popping up in high street windows up and down the country and they may look intimidating but pairing them with a basic tee, a soft leather and some pale tonal shoes and bag makes them much easier to wear than they may first appear. Highlighting it with a bright bib necklace (most of us have them from last S/S) makes it, I think, a great look - I'll certainly be digging out my cobalt skinnys this week.

This is a stronger evening look and I think Miu Miu has it absolutely right with the dress. It's classic enough in shape to avoid being an 'unwearable' high end piece but the nod to fluro is done so well that surely any girl wearing it would feel a million pounds. There's no need to dress this up, simple black heels and a clashing clutch et voila!

And of course, there are those who have read fluro is a-coming and rejoiced. This final look is for them. Prints are also going to be massive this coming S/S season and believe me, you can bet if there's a designer ballsy enough to embrace fluro they're going to be all over prints. Topshop's responsible for these beauties and Miu Miu for the top (they're really onto the fluro thing, non?) and why not let everyone enjoy your worldly possessions by throwing them all in a see through bag (courtesy of Jil Sander)? But really, if you're going to do that you, at the very least, need the Comme des Garcons coin purse.

Actually...by the end of this post even MY convictions are thawing. Best get to Topshop online before those leggings sell out!


Progress Report

So far I'm doing well. New Years Resolution-wise. The worrying is (I think) being kept to a minimum and I certainly couldn't be accused of over thinking anything. I am aware we're only 6 days in but with the age old phrase 'start as you mean to go on' ringing in my ears I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with myself thus far.

Or I was until a song came on. I'm pretty sure everyone associates music with memories. I know I certainly do. And while I'm totally fine 99.999% of the time some things take a little longer than others to get out from under your skin, oui?

That said it IS a beautiful song and the band need all the recognition they can get. Ladies and Gents - I give you Hope & Social (the track - Eurospin):

The video is great for a few reasons - taken in one shot and with members of the public as the audience members; but possibly the best factor is that when I asked someone where that particular bar is as I'd love to go they informed me it was in fact a temporary set put together in an old wine cellar that was closed up again after that one evening of dinner and music. HOW cool is that?

(Bottom right shot from my holiday in Morrocco in 2010 - a shot taken whilst en route to The Atlas mountains.)

On days like this I like to remember the little things that perk me up...holidays, the books I have in my To Read pile and a good cuppa (amongst many others things). Why the eye makeup image you might ask...Well the answer is simple. I'm a big believe in 'even if I'm feeling a little bad on the inside there is no reason for you to be able to tell from the outside.' So no matter how blue a day it is in my head it's always business as usual as far as my clothes and makeup go - because, let's face it, nobody is worth compromising fashion for now, are they?!

A final pearl (perhaps my next framed purchase for my apartment):


Better Late Than Never

Yes, yes, I know it's January 4th already but I have just decided upon my New Years resolution(s).

2011 is definitely a year I'll remember but not for entirely good reasons. About 12months ago now I had just made a decision that impacted hugely on me. I made it for the right reasons but it didn't make it any easier; the fall out was difficult and took time to work through. That said I have also got some fantastic memories of 2011. Mainly my trip to Las Vegas - booked on a whim and with great friends. It was a fantastic week and exactly what I needed but it was the only time I was actually off work for more than one 24 hour period all year. You can only imagine how exhausted I was by close of business in December.

Once we'd returned and I'd settled a bit I met someone but really, the less said about him the better. So a pretty bruised year but some great fun along the way.

One thing that didn't change though was my ability to worry my way through things - usually to my poor housemate who had to put up with me.

It's really Lauren (aforementioned housemate) who has helped me the most as her attitude is so completely opposite to mine in situations. I tend to make decisions and yes, I stick to them, but I'm a worrier. Lauren is very much the opposite - a sort of what-will-be-will-be kinda gal. I've long admired her for this quality so this year this is something I am hoping to emulate. (With a lot of help from her, of course!)

She constantly laughs at me when I analyse messages or debate over what sort of response to send but what it really always comes down to with her is not to worry so much. And she's right.

So buckle up 2012, I've got you by the cahoonas and I'm not about to let go. Time to let things happen the way they will anyway whether I think them over or not.

Paloma Faith posted this lovely picture (above)
to her Twitter on New Years Day and I love the sentiment of it - I hope by posting it here you will enjoy it too and I will revisit it until it becomes second nature.

And finally...


Sales: Successful or Regretful?

Come on, hands up, who's been drawn in by the sales crowds this festive season then? Couldn't resist the tempting signs in the windows and veritable rainbow of cut-price clothing within?

I'm going to bet a rather substantial amount of money that once inside you immediately regretted it for one of the following reasons: a) the rude general public bashing into you with total disregard, b) the on-too-high heating causing you to have to shed layers of clothing and, incidentally, drag even more paraphernalia around with you (I'm talking to you, Topshop), c) the bargains that, once closer aren't so much bargains but mostly cast-offs from 4 seasons ago with bits of wear and tear that you convince yourself aren't that bad because godamnit you've ventured this far and you'll be damned if you're going home empty handed.

Well, friends, I have a solution. Online sales shopping. A revolution. Avoid the crowds, see the clothes clearly and in flattering light, pick your size without having to rifle through 3 rails around you only to settle for a size up/down.

This year online was my chosen method. I have had some success but it hasn't all been plain sailing.

My first stop was Topshop.com where I opted for 3 items (well, 4 actually but one was out of stock although they still honoured the free post when this meant my items came under the £75 bench mark which I thought was good of them and with me within 48 hours.) 

1) Simone Rocha for Topshop dress (£90-£45) size 10 - look at those neon, mesh sleeves!
2) Big bug ring (£16-£8.25) size M
3) Star Print Corset top (£30-£15) size 10

However, my Topshop endeavour wasn't to be a success. The dress was far too big which was a disappointment as it wasn't described as over-sized/un-tailored etc and by the time I'd received it, tried it on and decided to send it back for an exchange the size 8 was sold out.

The ring arrived with one 'leg' missing and the other snapped off in the packet and the corset, although absolutely gorgeous was personally just a little on the underwear side for me (a lot of silk, lace and mesh). So all were returned but again, another plus side for online shopping, in their freepost returns bag (included).

My next stop was Lipsy to hunt down a skirt from last S/S that I first saw last A/W when buying at their head offices (I'm their UK independent agent) and, foolishly, didn't book.
Anyway - success and down to £20. Received after 48hours and fits perfectly - now in storage until the spring kicks in which, judging by this unseasonal warmth, should be any day now...

Finally I had an ASOS splurge. Some time ago I bought some grey suede platform heels that have been well and truly worn in on several dance floors. They are now ready for retirement but happily ASOS had a pair, real suede, for £26. *Add to shopping bag*

After that my eyes happened to flicker over the 'swimwear' tab...and, as luck would have it, I intend to be in Las Vegas again this June (went last May and fell in love with it) and NEED a new bikini. Now, if you read my last post you'll be aware I am not the most blessed in the chest department so I was thrilled to immediately stumble upon a metallic, padded, small cupped winner and at £19 for the set I was S.O.L.D!

I have, for a while, and especially since Gucci tweeted their festive 'look', wanted a white blazer so you can imagine my delight to find one on the aforementioned site from £60 down to £18. However, the main downfall of online shopping is the indecision about which size to choose based on being unable to try on (obviously) so I did what any sane shopper would do. Bought an 8 and 10 and will return the unsuitable one.

As I want the above jacket to create this look this coming weekend at an event I paid for postage, but I think £3.95 to be sure it's at my office by Thursday is a small price to pay - especially when cancelled out against the sale discounts.

Anyway - I'm off to rearrange my wardrobe to allow my newly acquired beauties into it and I hope the above has inspired you to try it the online way. Next post coming soon!