Animal Magic.

This is a post I've been meaning to pen for a while but the timing seems perfect now that it leads on from a post about my new CatHat (not its official name but I've decided that it should be.)

As I wrote in my last post I believe there should always be an element of fun to fashion. Not in every single outfit perhaps, but certainly in every single wardrobe. I think when there are bigger, scarier things happening in the world that sometimes seem too large to comprehend a little perspective needs to be taken in terms of the fashion world.

I know some people eat, sleep, breathe fashion - and to a degree I do too. But you know those people I'm talking about; those folk who are offended to witness someone wear something a few seasons old at a black tie dinner - that, to me, is someone who takes the whole thing just far too seriously.

Which is why this latest trend cheers me so.

Unless you've been under a rock lately you can't help but have noticed the cropping up of warmer clothing depicting animals. First championed by Mulberry's AW 12 campaign the trend has trickled down through the various brands and right onto the high street. It was only when a friend showed me her new tiger face (wearing glasses - great!) jumper that she'd picked up in Sainsburys that I realised just how widespread this had become. And with requests to write a post about how to keep warm but stay current in the fashion world I got my research head on and here's what I've come up with:

While I'm a personal lover of this trend I understand some of you might find it a bit bold to wear so obviously so why not dabble into the animal kingdom with an accessory or two?

My personal favourite has to be the rottweiler clutch. I mean, where would I be without my outlandish accessories? Shame Christmas is over - that would have definitely been on my Santa's list.

I know that such strong trends aren't for everyone but if there's ever a style you're keen on but going the whole hog doesn't appeal keep accessories in mind. Sometimes they're the best, and most fun, way to dabble.

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  1. Great post - love this blog.Keep them coming!


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