I think I need therapy.

Or at least to try going cold turkey.

I didn't even mean to this time - I was merely attempting to cheer a friend up by suggesting some window shopping. I should have known better than to step into H&M. Especially on their launch day of Fashion Against AIDS.

I was innocently browsing the swimwear with an upcoming week away in mind and in the corner of my eye something dazzled. After focusing on it it became clear there was an entirely new section of the store - all tribal print and vibrant threads. I almost pulled a muscle galloping towards it.

Once I realised what it was there was no going back - knowing that 25% of each piece's price goes to fighting HIV and AIDS it completely removed the guilt factor.

The collection is quite big which is great but I notice the one piece I saw in store but couldn't see online is the best - a hammock! Tribal print exterior, lime green interior - it is a summer essential and at £24.99 a total bargain. If I had two trees..heck if I had two walls close enough together I'd be hooking that thing right up.

The site also has a lovely promotion running. Upload a picture of you kissing a loved one and H&M donate a further $1 to Fashion Against Aids.

I think H&M are setting a fantastic example here and I, for one, would appreciate seeing more corporate companies support charities in a way that benefits everyone - we get fashion, they get turnover, the charities get money and a good cause is publicised. Win, win, win!

I particularly love that every swing ticket on every F.A.A. piece says "(Use a condom!)"

That aside here is what I wish I'd bought:

I tried these on but the resounding opinion of those around me was that I looked like Timmy Mallet. And as lovely as he is I was hoping to channel more Sienna Miller then a man with a comedy weapon.

Stunning and a great price (£14.99) but very similar to something I already have.

And here is what I did buy:

Great for adding colour to a dull T or dress. Or even just with your PJ's - this is seriously stylish charity wear!


At £1.99 these phone cases are absolute essentials. Couldn't decide on which colour to plump for so got the top one for me and the more vibrant one for my sister. She loves it!

This was pure indulgence. I just could not resist it. It's for a good cause after all.
 I'll leave you with this:


  1. i loveee those sun glasses, your blog looks lovely by the ways, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon hehe :)

    (open to all)

  2. where did you get the top that you said was similar to the H&M flowing chiffon train top? xxxxx

  3. Hi, it's from my agency by a label called John Zack - not so much that it's the same in colour but the same shape...blogged about it here:

    Hope this helps!


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