The Little Things

Of a morning I have started to get quite the routine going.

I used to decide what I was wearing in the last 10 minute slot before I had to get out the door but this often resulted in a day where I felt...I don't know...below par. Unsatisfied with my garms and general 'look.'
Hate those days.

Now what I do is either the night before or as soon as I get up I lay out what I'm going to wear, see if it 'goes' and alter/adorn it accordingly.

Today I started with plain, old denim jeans and a leopard chiffon shirt I've had for quite a while now.
I went over to my jewellery box and pulled out the biggest gold necklace I could find, and gold hand harness. The multi ring finger is one I left on my desk at work a few days ago so popped on when I got here this morning.

I then dragged open my 'heeled' shoes container and right on top were the perfect stacks to compliment the shirt I had set out.

I'm having a somewhat grey and pastel moment with my nails and just bought the baby blue colour from Barry M yesterday so had to try it out ASAP. I really like the result although it took 4/5 coats to achieve this - it's very thin; but if you have the time, well worth it.

I also have my morning brew at home out of my favourite cowboy mug from Cath Kidston - it just makes me smile.

Here's some shots for you to peruse - which are your favourite details?

For me it's the little things that make my day.

Cowboy mug | Cath Kidston
Pale blue varnish | Barry M
Grey varnish | Gosh
Pale lilac varnish | Barry M
Hand harness | Urban Outfitters
Multi finger ring | Topshop
Jeans | River Island
Shirt | from my agency
Necklace | H&M
Shoes | H&M

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