It That Shall Not Be Named

***Some images updated***

We've all heard the name adaptations - Primani, Prucci, Primada and so on. But how often do people actually use its real name? Not often I'd wager. 

In fact other companies are actually making money out of people not wanting to utter the eponym. Last week I turned 26 and a card I received from a close friend was the below. When I laughed and looked a little ashamed at how apparent my snobbishness was she said, "We all do it, that's why it's so funny - you're hardly alone!"

But it got me thinking - most of us go in, and those who say they don't are either genuine millionaires who know nothing of the wonders inside or bare faced liars. Either way be wary of them.

In all honesty it has been some time since I last prowled the rails within. This is mainly because one of the perks of my job is on trend clothing fed to you on a near daily basis at massive discounts. Yes, I do love my job. No, I don't feel guilty for that.

Anyway, I digress.

Last Friday I was having a particularly stressful work day and decided a 20 minute browse of what the corporate monster had to offer might help disconnect my mind from the previous hours worth of tension. So off I strode, ear plugs firmly in - well, let's be honest, in there you're rarely ever more than 5ft from a screaming infant and that is not for me.

A 20 minute whizz round later and I was £73.00 lighter but infinitely happier. It seems disgusting that for that amount you can purchase two pairs of heels, a jacket, a dress and trousers. But you can. And I wanted them. So I did it.

And here is my haul:

Midi dress - plain grey marl jersey, £10. It looks nothing on a hanger and I'm actually disappointed at how my camera image has come out but it's late and I'm too tired to re-shoot but trust me, on it is a different story. Tight to the body up to the gathered waist and then skims the hips and thighs beautifully. I tried an extremely similar one from Topshop - £29 and a best seller for them - but I looked a sack of potatoes in it. This dress, for a fraction of the cost, looks at least twice the price of the Topshop offering. And it comes with the little belt, great on or off the dress.

Next to catch my eye was this boucle beauty. Not the cheapest at £25 but when you look in Zara and see nearly the identical item for £70 you know you're onto a winner. It isn't designed to fasten so sits nicely, tailored at the back, to the body.
The fabric is stunning and the quality feels good - nice and thick, hard-wearing if you will. I especially like the zip pocket detail that sort of punks it up and keeps it from leaning too far towards grandmas-knitting-group-chic.

Then these stunners. For many a post now I've waxed lyrical about this seasons brights and prints and finally I have found a pair of my own to cherish. They're a poly-mix but don't let this put you off - these are mine after a day in the office. They've maintained their shape and remained virtually crease free. For £14 they're an amazing buy. They have a small turn up cuff at the bottom and the peg leg shape is flattering to so many shapes and sizes. Although a word of warning. I am an average size 10 but I couldn't get the waistband done up in these and had to actually get a 12 - the low price would suggest they aren't paying their pattern cutters well.

The trousers have a label inside saying 'co-ordinates' as they also come in shorts and a blazer so if you're wanting the whole head to toe printed look get down there fast -these garms aren't about to hang about.

And last but by no means least my newest and most loved shoes. I had to get them in both colours. They are just so comfortable and for a stiletto heel that's saying something. I wore the black ones today with the printed trousers and a white chiffon shirt. I felt great.

And really that's all fashion is - putting together pieces that make you feel great.

To get all that in 20 minutes I was pleased. But don't think I'm a full convert yet...I had a reusable Celia Birtwell canvas tote stuffed into my handbag and used that as opposed to a billboard sized carrier from....Primark. There, I said it.

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  1. Excellent piece of writing-incisive, observant and witty!


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