Mimco Meets Pablo Meets Coco

It can't have escaped your attention that I am quite partial to a good accessory or two and a label which never fails to impress on that front is Mimco.

Originally from Australia they are now, wonderfully, in the U.K. market and available to us all.

During this morning's trawl of the internet I came across their most recent collection and I think it's safe to say I am in full 'lust-after' mode now. The charmingly named Pablo Met Coco collection is dynamically fantastic and so huge there really is something to finish off every outfit.

Abstract Cubist Choker (approx £190)
 Yes, it is as you'd imagined a reference to Pablo Picasso and Coco Chanel - classic designs with both of their trademark colour palettes - bright primary colours (Pablo) and monochrome (Chanel.)

These are some of my favourite bits:

That's for the colours but really, would any of us be anywhere without the handbag that goes with everything? Think Chanel 2.55 classic-levels.

That said I really love that there are a couple of neon pieces in the range that mean I can cling onto my love for the sunny-coloured-stuff into the winter months. Is this bag not just the most lovely you've seen in this shade? With those shoes and some monochrome in between I think they'd turn a good outfit into a head-turner.

My absolute ideal from this collection is still, however, the choker I pictured at the beginning of this post. To brighten up a t-shirt or to enhance an evening gown it looks set to be a hard working staple of your accessory wardrobe and I for one need it.


Pastel Palette

This week has been one of 'newness.' I finally made a jumper I've been meaning to, bought some rings I've been admiring and furthered my collar accessory catalogue.

Some time ago I met a friend for Sunday brunch and she appeared looking absolutely fantastic in a comfy, dip-dyed, studded jumper from Topshop. However, when I went to track it down I was a little disgruntled at the price. £45.00 for such a micro-trend based piece seemed a little steep to me so I got my thinking cap on and decided it was a definite 'DIY' job.

Some eBay shopping later and I had, winging their way to me, a basic jumper, flamingo pink Dylon dye and some studs.

It wasn't until this weekend that I got round to doing it but how cool does it look? Granted I got a bit impatient waiting for it to fade up the jumper so it's a little more 'blocked' than I'd hoped for but still, friends have asked me to do some for them too now!

A definite wardrobe favourite for this summer. Let's face it, with this weather it's bound to get a good lot of wear.

I've also partaken in a bit of actual shopping and it turns out they're all pastels so I must be mellowing in my old age. Lilac Barry M nails with H&M mattifying top coat, mint and silver shoes I actually picked up in Barcelona and a mint, embellished collar which, incidentally, matches the shoes perfectly.

All that and a set of gold rings and my accessories seem set to see me right through to the darker months.

Rings | ASOS
Collar | H&M
Shoes | Zara
Jumper, Dye, Studs | all eBay


Creative Juices

A couple of nights ago I went to meet some friends in the pub after work, one in particular I hadn't seen for a while.

When I arrived she presented me with a Selfridges bag and explained, "I saw this and thought of you; couldn't resist. Don't get excited."

Don't get excited?! It's a Selfridges bag with a clearly beautifully wrapped item within it...What else is there to do but get excited?!

Seconds later the wrapping was off and I was clutching what has now become one of my favourite handbag items. A Lanvin notebook. "To jot blog ideas in when you're on the go."

The guys we were with couldn't understand my glee but then, most guys wouldn't would they?

And as luck would have it about 30 minutes later I had my first 'thing' to jot in it. At the table outside were a group of friends and on their table was something that caught my eye. A small black bag, in the shape of a cigarette box with the following print on it:

Upon further investigation it turned out the guy behind the design was also at the next table and explained he is a graduate graphic designer currently putting together an anti-smoking campaign.

Here's another:

Now, I'm not a smoker and while I don't judge those who do I do think people should be discouraged, for health reasons, so this cigarette body bag idea seems great to me. Yes, they're shocking but this is the point, no?

Below are the designer's details and tumblr address so have a look:

Happy weekend, kids. (Don't smoke!)


On Safari.

In this ever changing weather...although I'm not really sure what it changes from and to...from some rain to more rain, perhaps?

Anyway - in this horrid 'summer' we're having it can be a tricky one to work out what to throw on of a morning so today I took my direction from the animal kingdom and went a bit prints crazy.

I know you're not supposed to clash animal prints but I just don't care because I like the look, and folks used to say you can't wear brown and black together but who listens to that any more? Exactly.
(Note: Those of you who thought, "I still listen to that" can stop reading this from now onwards. It's for your own good.)

We'll all be in head to toe snake/zebra/cheetah print soon enough.

I love these trousers. They're new so I'm wearing them a lot lately while they're still fresh in my wardrobe. I really like how they look with my zebra shoes and necklace, paired with a plain, structured silk tee.

The ring is a very old old I actually can't remember where it's from. I know it's battered but I prefer to see it as 'it has personality' and until I find one I like equally I shall continue to sport it whenever the fancy takes me.

I also know I am a little sartorially different from most and regularly get looks in the street which reassure me that what I'm wearing/how I'm wearing it makes most people suspicious I may have recently been subject to a head trauma but this only fuels me further.

On that note have a great Thursday!


Caviar? Go On Then...

I know, I know...I'm a bit behind on this whole look but recently a friend of mine purchased the white version of this set and I am now hooked. I want it all.

Caviar Manicures by Ciate.

Already a huge fan of their nail varnishes (they just go on so beautifully) I was excited to hear they were behind this latest trend and the sooner I'm a member of the congregation of caviar the better.

Available exclusively from Selfridges for the very reasonable sum of £18.00 click the below colour to see the web page and buy:


I'm buying some this evening (probably black) to wear on a date this weekend so I'll let you know how it goes...Stay tuned.


En Mi Bolsa

I can hardly be accused of being someone who unpacks quickly at the end of a trip. Desperate to hang onto that holiday feeling I spend most of my first week back staring at my suitcase and working out how long it is until it's actually needed again. (Answer: depressingly long.)

And I'm no better with handbags I've used while away. My Mulberry Tillie was my most used one and when I came to empty it last night I thought of my post some time ago about handbags contents so this is a sort of part 2 of that. A holiday edition if you will.

Take a look inside...

So I like options of necklace and flat shoes if my feet get sore - what of it? The rest seems fairly self explanatory but it would appear I used the tube a fair amount. Still finding tickets in pockets and other bags even now!



As yet I am unsure as to whether I am capable of more excitement than is already inside me about the mighty H&Ms latest collaboration.

Maison Martin Margiela are known for their avant-garde garments and cutting-edge-cool designs; and anyone who knows me would vouch for the fact I am rarely intimidated by a dramatic shape on a hanger so I fully intend to enjoy this latest meeting of fashion minds.

MMM A/W '12 catwalk
 I have never before been a 'queue-er' for a collection launch but quite frankly the sooner I can get my hands on a timed wrist band and get in a cordoned off waiting area for this the better. It is sure to be a website crashing success.

MMM A/W '12 catwalk

With no promo shots yet available we can but speculate. Personally I'm hoping for some tailored skirts and dynamic sweatshirts. And don't even get me started on the accessories I intend to leap upon the moment I get within store.

Not launching until November 2012 I have some wait but believe me..I will be there.


#TodayIAmWearing (circa Barcelona trip)

Lately my 'day job' has been overly hectic. We launch a new label at the end of this week and a launch is never a quiet time so blogging has been minimal. I haven't lost my love for it - I have just lost the battle of keeping my eyes open long enough to add new posts as frequently as I would like this past week.

In my last post I mentioned photos of my outfits were being processed but unfortunately we didn't take as many as I'd hoped. The heat was too much and frankly posing wasn't much of an option under that sun.

Anyway...enjoy the pics. More posts very soon - I PROMISE!!


Sunny Days

Hello All!

I am back from my week in Barcelona...and devastated. From 28degree heat to this?! No bueno.

I managed to get some lovely shots of outfits but they're currently being processed so for now you'll have to make do with a montage of iPhone pics I gathered while away.

Back to full blogging capacity within the next day or so (in London tomorrow for work so never easy blogging on those days but we'll see..)

I love the style of this city. People dress (mostly) extremely well - the men look so much better than here in the UK. And the lifestyle is perfect - early mornings, siestas, socially orientated and everyone seems to own a dog; they are everywhere! I loved it so much I am enrolling in Spanish classes so the next time I go I can get even more out of my time there.

The blurred pics are of rollerbladers. At about 12.30am on Saturday night hundreds came flying past us as we ate tapas near our apartment. You would never get this here!

And the band playing were a jazz group who were performing on Sunday just to celebrate a small delicatessen near us turning 100years old. There is nothing I don't love about this city.

Take me back, Barca!