Mimco Meets Pablo Meets Coco

It can't have escaped your attention that I am quite partial to a good accessory or two and a label which never fails to impress on that front is Mimco.

Originally from Australia they are now, wonderfully, in the U.K. market and available to us all.

During this morning's trawl of the internet I came across their most recent collection and I think it's safe to say I am in full 'lust-after' mode now. The charmingly named Pablo Met Coco collection is dynamically fantastic and so huge there really is something to finish off every outfit.

Abstract Cubist Choker (approx £190)
 Yes, it is as you'd imagined a reference to Pablo Picasso and Coco Chanel - classic designs with both of their trademark colour palettes - bright primary colours (Pablo) and monochrome (Chanel.)

These are some of my favourite bits:

That's for the colours but really, would any of us be anywhere without the handbag that goes with everything? Think Chanel 2.55 classic-levels.

That said I really love that there are a couple of neon pieces in the range that mean I can cling onto my love for the sunny-coloured-stuff into the winter months. Is this bag not just the most lovely you've seen in this shade? With those shoes and some monochrome in between I think they'd turn a good outfit into a head-turner.

My absolute ideal from this collection is still, however, the choker I pictured at the beginning of this post. To brighten up a t-shirt or to enhance an evening gown it looks set to be a hard working staple of your accessory wardrobe and I for one need it.

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