Got Them!

Today has been what I would class as a successful one.

The shoes. The ones that sold out in about an hour online. The ones my local store's manager had no recollection of seeing on the 'due in' critical path. The ones I have imagined at least ten outfits around. Yeah. Them.

I got them!

A chance pop in on my way home this evening and there they were. High up on a shelf...more for display. But no. We can't have that. So a quick nag of a lofty male assistant later and I had, in my paws, a size 6 in these beauties.

Expect a 'Today I'm Wearing' post featuring these tomorrow.

And yes, of course, they're H&M. At £24.99 I can't think of a better seasonal investment.

Who needs sunshine when you're effectively walking on it?

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