Fashion Conscious

They've gone and done it again.

I don't know why I even shop anywhere else. Time and time again they have it in the bag. (And by 'it' I mean garments in exchange for my life savings.)

What am I referring to? H&M..and their new Concsious Collection - to be precise. An entire collection dedicated to making a better future for sustainable fashion - basically responsibly sourced products from responsibly run production lines. Refreshing, non?

I only popped in to buy my usual stock up of Basics tank tops before the summer begins and there it was. All laid out in front of me glistening (in my eyes) and urging me to come a little closer and 'just look.'

I didn't 'just look.' I never do.

A flurry of hangers, baskets and changing rooms later and I had newness. In a shiny plastic carrier, of course.

I strode home with that glow of 'I have fresh and exciting things to create looks around now' and quickly got to work.

I opted for the hot pink lace knee length pencil skirt and a pink, split to the thigh, silk-mix maxi skirt. I'm feeling pink of late - I like the way it looks when teamed with my heavy metal jewellery and, usually, Converse high tops.

At £14.99 this is a bargain..hence the second buy.

There is no online image of the maxi skirt (no idea why) so I will try and get a good shot uploaded this eve.

But for now here are my other favourites and what I'd buy if I had never ending pennies to chuck at sparkly, new garms.

Is it bad I want to wear these the same time?!

Seriously. Most beautiful high street evening wear award goes to H&M.
These two are...oh, just delightful in person. I almost proposed to them when I saw them in store yesterday.

In fact I might visit them again this evening.

What do you think to the new collection? Rocking your world or your boat?


  1. I bought the pink lace shell top...yum yum- i LOVE the bubblegum pink!

  2. I want it ALL! The pinker the better at the moment :)

  3. I love this new collection!!!!!


  4. Inspiring and great fashion concepts!


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