And Here's How I Styled Them...

On a day where everyone in Manchester is focused on whether they're red or blue I can safely say I am happily settled in denim and silver.

Sorry - not a football girl. Although brought up red I am spending my evening with Gossip Girl and Bloglovin'. Not Giggs and Balotelli.

This weekend I showed you my wonderful, shiny, new shoes and bag.

Here's how I styled them today:

Shirt | H&M
Jeans | vintage
Shoes | Topshop
Bag | H&M
Necklace | H&M
Watch | Armani

My hair's grown so long now I can actually get it in a high pony tail for the first time in years. Thoroughly enjoying it today. That and my also new animal print denim shirt. I have a long standing love of animal print and at the moment denim is my buzz fabric so when I saw the combination of them in one garment I couldn't not have it.

What do you think? How would you style mirrored silver?


The Silver Lining

Being the good friend I am when a girlfriend of mine bemoaned her lack of outfit choices for her upcoming birthday I heroically offered to brave the Saturday Manchester shoppers and help her look through all our favourite high street stores. I know, how kind of me, right?

However, I am also hugely selfish when it comes to spotting a bargain so while she came back with one pair of Topshop flats and no extra outfit choices I have a new bag/shoe combo to accompany me on my next night out, dinner with friends, date - heck, if I'm honest I've just hoovered while wearing the shoes!

The bag was £15 to £7 and the shoes £60 to £35. And to say they're from different shops and were both in sale I can only imagine mirrored silver has been shunned by the masses. This merely serves to fuel my love for them more.

This S/S I will be mainly channelling Louis Vuitton. Well, cut price imitation Louis Vuitton that is.

Here's my haul:

Shoes | Topshop
Bag | H&M



I think I need therapy.

Or at least to try going cold turkey.

I didn't even mean to this time - I was merely attempting to cheer a friend up by suggesting some window shopping. I should have known better than to step into H&M. Especially on their launch day of Fashion Against AIDS.

I was innocently browsing the swimwear with an upcoming week away in mind and in the corner of my eye something dazzled. After focusing on it it became clear there was an entirely new section of the store - all tribal print and vibrant threads. I almost pulled a muscle galloping towards it.

Once I realised what it was there was no going back - knowing that 25% of each piece's price goes to fighting HIV and AIDS it completely removed the guilt factor.

The collection is quite big which is great but I notice the one piece I saw in store but couldn't see online is the best - a hammock! Tribal print exterior, lime green interior - it is a summer essential and at £24.99 a total bargain. If I had two trees..heck if I had two walls close enough together I'd be hooking that thing right up.

The site also has a lovely promotion running. Upload a picture of you kissing a loved one and H&M donate a further $1 to Fashion Against Aids.

I think H&M are setting a fantastic example here and I, for one, would appreciate seeing more corporate companies support charities in a way that benefits everyone - we get fashion, they get turnover, the charities get money and a good cause is publicised. Win, win, win!

I particularly love that every swing ticket on every F.A.A. piece says "(Use a condom!)"

That aside here is what I wish I'd bought:

I tried these on but the resounding opinion of those around me was that I looked like Timmy Mallet. And as lovely as he is I was hoping to channel more Sienna Miller then a man with a comedy weapon.

Stunning and a great price (£14.99) but very similar to something I already have.

And here is what I did buy:

Great for adding colour to a dull T or dress. Or even just with your PJ's - this is seriously stylish charity wear!


At £1.99 these phone cases are absolute essentials. Couldn't decide on which colour to plump for so got the top one for me and the more vibrant one for my sister. She loves it!

This was pure indulgence. I just could not resist it. It's for a good cause after all.
 I'll leave you with this:


Meet Me On The Deck

The deck
Last night I was very flattered to be asked to attend the press launch of a new pop up bar in Manchester's Spinningfields.
Taking its inspiration from the 1950s Riviera, The Yacht Club is essentially a large decked area, sumptuous leather day beds, and a sleek bar - all under a huge white canopy. And oh so chic.

As it's Manchester you can image this 'month's worth of rain' we're due has well and truly arrived and watching it pour all yesterday afternoon I worried the evening might be a bit of a wash out.

How wrong could I be?

The place was packed; with folks from all over Manchester joining to have a good time, listen to some great disco beats and drink the best prosecco in town. (I'll admit I may have indulged a little too much in the bubbles...)

I was also concerned that with it being an outdoor bar I might be a little chilly but under the canopy are two seriously big heaters and they pump out warmth so well there needn't be a worry about a coat ruining your glamorous outfit underneath.

This place is seriously cool - situated in Hardman Square by the huge outdoor cinema screen. Is there a better way to watch every Thursday evening's screening? I can't think of any.

In the press pack were further drinks vouchers (oh, go on then) and a list of this summers events being held there. I'm particularly excited for the screening of Strictly Ballroom where guests are encouraged to dress accordingly - gold tassled dress at the ready!

In my press pack
As it was raining I didn't take my own shots so I must apologise as I just have the press ones. I will be back there very soon so will update with my own images to give you a closer look.

In the meantime why not meet me on the deck? I've my inner Bridget Bardot to channel at what I think may be my favourite bar of the summer...


Walking On Sunshine

So the post today is no mystery - I already told you yesterday this was coming.

A neon heels one. Hurrah!

When purchasing the gems yesterday evening the assistant professed her love for them then asked if I actually had anything to wear them with. I didn't divulge to her the hours of thought put into building looks around them - a short and confidence lined, "Yup!" and I was off.

The tunic/dress is one I bought about 3 months ago in an ASOS sale for, if I remember correctly, about £10.00. There was something I loved about it but once it was in my possession it proved a little harder to pair up with anything in my wardrobe. That was until the heels made an appearance. A near colour match to the gem neckline detail and we're in business.

The bag is actually not in shops yet as I am very lucky to have a housemate who works in fashion too and gets access to these things early. But never fear - keep an eye on the blog and I'll be telling you where it's from soon. Not from where you'd expect but tip - their upcoming S/S and A/W accessories and shoes are set to be taking the high street by storm.

Anyway - enough waffle. Here's today's outfit choice:

Earcuff | ASOS
Tunic | ASOS
Jeans | sample sale
Shoes | H&M
Bag | ??? (not in store yet)
Ring | Arty Inspired YSL


Got Them!

Today has been what I would class as a successful one.

The shoes. The ones that sold out in about an hour online. The ones my local store's manager had no recollection of seeing on the 'due in' critical path. The ones I have imagined at least ten outfits around. Yeah. Them.

I got them!

A chance pop in on my way home this evening and there they were. High up on a shelf...more for display. But no. We can't have that. So a quick nag of a lofty male assistant later and I had, in my paws, a size 6 in these beauties.

Expect a 'Today I'm Wearing' post featuring these tomorrow.

And yes, of course, they're H&M. At £24.99 I can't think of a better seasonal investment.

Who needs sunshine when you're effectively walking on it?


Today's Choice

Today's an odd day.

Manchester is famed for it's schizophrenic climate and while yes, it is entertaining to watch ice fall and the next minute be soaking up the rays in the nearest available outdoor space, it is not so entertaining working out what on earth to wear to battle the ever changing elements.

This is the challenge I have faced this morning. Waking up to blinding sun then watching it pour down the second I left the shower. Joy.

So here's what I wore...complete with my Evelina slung over my shoulder, umbrella at the ready and The Vaccines in my ears.

What do you reckon?

Happy Saturday all!

Dress | John Zack
Necklace | H&M
Watch | Michael Kors
Jointed ring | H&M
Trainers | Converse


A Moan

I'm a little devastated. I love my food and have a few fail safe restaurants around Manchester - you know, one for Thai, one for Mongolian, one for French etc. But in the past month TWO have offered such bad customer service I now need new versions of them.

I've decided to name and shame them as I emailed the 1st and after their initial 'we're taking this seriously' email I've heard not a peep and I can't be bothered starting all that again with the 2nd.

The first is Cicchetti - the San Carlo groups latest establishment. Situated in the bottom of Kendals but with a street entrance it serves Italian tapas in beautiful surroundings and the quality is amazing - don't even get me started on the reasonable pricing. I loved it there - it was my go to place for friends, family, dates etc but a few weeks ago I slipped on their over polished floors and have, as a result, a large, unattractive scar on my ankle now - you can imagine how great it looks in strappy heels.

At the time I was so embarrassed by my fall I just left but when I sent them pictures of the cut and swelling they immediately replied saying they were taking it very seriously as it was their flooring that caused the injury and they would be back in touch within a day or so.

Since then I've emailied them twice more, with pictures of what is now a scar and had no response. I think this is awful service and they have the attitude that they're so big now what does it matter to them if one person stops going there. So I implore you - find another Italian, these people don't care for your money anyway, it would seem.

The second happened about an hour ago.

As shown in my post about the contents of my handbag I have a little voucher book for offers around the city. I went to use one this lunch in my favourite healthy fast food restaurant Rice in Piccadilly Gardens. My voucher was for 2 for 1 on mains so a colleague and I decided we'd treat ourselves - it is Friday after all.

I strolled in, voucher in hand, to be told they no longer offered that. When I explained it expires mid May they said they still couldn't honour it. Too embarrassed to protest more and cause a scene I made my order and left £15.00 lighter. I would never usually spend this on my lunch which is why the offer really appealed and while I understand the T's&C's state they can withdraw the offer at any time I just think it's poor form.

I'll certainly be thinking twice before I go in there again - at the very least they could have offered me a can of Coke worth all of 13p to them as a compromise. But no, a flat 'no' and an expensive order later and I am annoyed.

Why is service so poor these days? It's sad to think that when we are treated well in a shop or restaurant we're grateful for that. Grateful to be treated nicely and our custom appreciated. Am I alone in thinking this is mad?!

That's it - I'm going on an Italian food course and getting my wok out - sorry Cicchetti and Rice, you've lost my custom well and truly.

What about you? Any bad customer service experiences you want to vent?


The Little Things

Of a morning I have started to get quite the routine going.

I used to decide what I was wearing in the last 10 minute slot before I had to get out the door but this often resulted in a day where I felt...I don't know...below par. Unsatisfied with my garms and general 'look.'
Hate those days.

Now what I do is either the night before or as soon as I get up I lay out what I'm going to wear, see if it 'goes' and alter/adorn it accordingly.

Today I started with plain, old denim jeans and a leopard chiffon shirt I've had for quite a while now.
I went over to my jewellery box and pulled out the biggest gold necklace I could find, and gold hand harness. The multi ring finger is one I left on my desk at work a few days ago so popped on when I got here this morning.

I then dragged open my 'heeled' shoes container and right on top were the perfect stacks to compliment the shirt I had set out.

I'm having a somewhat grey and pastel moment with my nails and just bought the baby blue colour from Barry M yesterday so had to try it out ASAP. I really like the result although it took 4/5 coats to achieve this - it's very thin; but if you have the time, well worth it.

I also have my morning brew at home out of my favourite cowboy mug from Cath Kidston - it just makes me smile.

Here's some shots for you to peruse - which are your favourite details?

For me it's the little things that make my day.

Cowboy mug | Cath Kidston
Pale blue varnish | Barry M
Grey varnish | Gosh
Pale lilac varnish | Barry M
Hand harness | Urban Outfitters
Multi finger ring | Topshop
Jeans | River Island
Shirt | from my agency
Necklace | H&M
Shoes | H&M