Jessica Alba. I am in awe of this girl. I haven't seen her look anything less than fantastic for about 3 years now.

That's it. I'm off to live in a climate that allows silk skirts, bare legs and leather jackets in October. We, in England, were promised an 'Indian Summer' but that has yet to arrive (I know it never will) so being the practical girl I am, I am seriously considering getting my furs out. 

Uber cool couple alert. I love how much monochrome she's been wearing of late. It's definitely a trend I'm going to embrace this A/W. Hair extension ponytail: optional.

Even on her chill down days she looks the epitome of chic. I might plaster my inner wardrobe doors in images of her to help inspire me of a morning.

Why don't I look that cool when I'm just strolling along, phone in hand? If I tried that I'd more closely resemble a discombobulated gazelle who's just been introduced to technology for the first time. All awkward strides and clashing head first into innocent passers-by.

There is definitely something about her that I'm looking into copying though so stay tuned for updates via this blog...I feel a change coming on.

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