A Magazine Told Me To Do It.

One of the (many) perks to my job is the fact we as a company have a weekly subscription to Look magazine. This is because a lot of the labels we agent for are used in it and we need to keep abreast of what's on offer from rivals and the general feel of the high street.

It is purely a coincidence that we completely love the magazine and fight over who gets to read it first. (I often play the 'manager' card, I must admit.)

A definite favourite section of the magazine for me is the '4 Step by Steps' in the beauty section. I love make up and beauty products but I have a very set routine so easy guides on how to update my look are always welcome.

Last week I was quick to flick to the aforementioned section and was pleased to feel an immediate draw to a particular look. "Barbie-Pink Metallic Nails," it read. "Get me home to my nail varnish box," I thought.

Happily I already own a silver metallic finish polish and a baby pink so when I got home I got straight to work and here are the results.

If I'm totally honest I didn't like it. If I had thought more about it I'd have preferred a gold base with black on top because I felt that the silver line around the outside of the nail made my hands look as if they were needing a good scrub.

However, it's each to his own so if you'd like to replicate the look all 3 varnishes are Barry M and available widely at Boots and Superdrug.

I did it on Friday but on Sunday evening I had a date and to avoid any confusion over the state of my hands I quickly removed it and replaced it with a lovely navy blue which I much prefer.

This week's Look has just arrived so flick to the usual page I did and here's this week's challenge:

I'll let you know how it goes if I can face chucking nail varnish at my own nails like someone with a vendetta against a full bottle of colour. Or maybe not. We'll see.

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