Organised Chaos

You may have gleaned from recent posts that tomorrow I am Barcelona bound for almost a week.

With this is mind last night was dedicated to creating outfits for the upcoming days. There's nothing worse (in my head) than returning from holiday and finding half the items you've packed never saw the light of day - that space could have been used for new things!

My mum is someone who I trust my style with so I took pictures of all outfits and potential accessories for day/night and emailed them all to her for the once over and any alterations.

Now I'm not sharing full outfits with you as my sister, who is an amazing photographer, will be with me and be able to get great shots while I'm out there but here's a sneak peek of what to expect from me, sartorially, in the next week.

If I don't manage to post while I'm away expect a big 'un next week upon my return.

Have a great Bank Holiday/Jubilee weekend all!

God Save The Queen ('s feet)

This weather has really delighted me recently - and made packing for Barcelona tomorrow much easier now that all my summer pieces are fresh in the front of my wardrobe.

I am well and truly in the sunshine frame of mind and as you all know am a long standing fan of British heritage anything. So Havaianas most recent release has thrilled me somewhat.

They've created a jubilee pin that can be applied to any pair of Havaianas - making your feet instantly monarch friendly. Unfortunately there are only 500 available and only from their London Broadwick Street store and London and Manchester Selfridges so they won't last long.

But don't despair if a pin is out of reach for you - check out their summer 2012 collection. I used to think Havaianas were a one trick pony but look at all the styles! Incredible.

I really think there's something for everyone in this season's collection. My personal favourites have to be the ones with the trainers printed on them. Too cool.

I'm not really one for glitzy shoes but I wanted to include the pictures to show you how much is on offer because it sure surprised me. That said I am loving the little gold skull and crossbones on the white pair.

I have a pair of gold Havaianas slims and they have lasted years  - they were in fact a Christmas gift (I was in Australia - flip flops made sense as a gift in that heat!) but it won't be long until I have a small collection happening - starting with the printed trainer pair. Seriously, just too cool.

All available on their website here take a look and make sure a pair are included in your holiday suitcase. They're in mine!


Silk And Sandals

Thought I'd share a few 'today I'm wearing' shots. My life's been a little hectic of late so pics of my garms have been thin on the ground but here's today's ensemble. I love a good nosey at what folks have got on, especially in this seizure inducing heat so as I have been scouring others' blogs I felt it only fair I shared too.

I absolutely love this dress. It's accompanied me to everything from christenings, to dates, to work and to say it's a good half decade old or so I could not be more thrilled with it's longevity. It's 100% silk which I think has helped its wear as it's only ever been dry cleaned and is from Mango in Brussels where my mum lived for a few years. I stand by my theory that the Mango and Zara shops on the continent get better stock. Which is why, when I go to Barcelona this Thursday I'm taking a small fortune to stock up on goodies with.

The shoes are my lovely Marni for H&M pair I blogged about a while back.

In this heat makeup isn't much of an option, hence the shades..and hair styling is also at a minimum so apologies for the unkempt look.

How have you been surviving in the heatwave?

Dress | Mango
Shoes | Marni for H&M
Rings | H&M and YSL Arty Inspired
Necklace | H&M
Watch | Michael Kors
Glasses | cK

They're Just Like Us

This weekend has been a somewhat lethargic one for me. What with the heat and...well basically just the heat was enough to disarm me. So my weekend was spent browsing blogs, flicking through recent red carpet photos and generally catching up on the movements of the fashion world.

Now, I know I'm late for the whole Cannes thing but like I said - the heat. I couldn't, however, miss the fact Milla Jovovich looked incredible.

Although it's not about the dress for me (Note: it's never about creased satin). It's her accessories. Admittedly I'm not one for a lot of bling but I may have had my mind changed. That and I'm a sucker for a pearl drop.

Upon closer inspection it appears they're all from a high street favourite. Swarovski. And (almost) all within reasonable pricing. Meaning we can all have a bit of genuine red carpet glamour in our own wardrobes. This surely is great news to start the week with, no?

Molly Bright Clip Earrings - £99.00 - available here

Ready Crystal Bangle - £38.00 - available here

Relate Bracelet - £170.00 - available here

Power Silver Shade Evening Bag - £615.00 - available here
I think my favourite piece is the bracelet...oh, or the earrings. Like I said; pearls. The bag's a bit (way) out of my price range but I feel a little saving session coming on - I want those earrings something fierce.

What better way to start the week than with a bit of sparkle? Have a good one!


Fantastic Florals

When I recently heard that two of my favourite things (British heritage and shoes) were collaborating I think I let out an actual squeal of excitement.

Liberty and Clarks.

Inspired by my recent purchases I decided to first browse their website and I was thrilled. Now, I'd be lying if I said I loved every single design but then that's the point - the range caters for so many looks that I think, really, there's something for everyone - and even handbags!

My top styles are all below. Especially the desert boots. I've never been a huge fan of that shape of shoe before but suddenly it's all I can think about; with denim cutoffs and a chiffon button up. Oh, yes please.

I think this collab is genius. For such a quintessentially British icon as Liberty to join forces with one of the original high street giants is fantastic. Let's be honest - in this current economy every shop needs all the help it can get to draw folks in and get them spending. Which is why their Manchester store surprised me.

When I went in yesterday evening on a hunt for the hi tops and desert boots (both out of stock) there was nothing to immediately point me in the direction of the Liberty collection.

In fact, upon further inspection the collection wasn't even all together but dotted around the shop with styles similar to each shoe. I really feel Clarks have missed a trick here - they could do with large signage indicating the collaboration and a set area for the entire collection to look its best.

Liberty is a dripping with British heritage; synonymous with class and style. So why not use this to get people into their shops? I think it's mad! And the only way I would have known the Liberty pieces (if I hadn't already Googled them) was via a couple of tiny purple boxes by the odd shoe with the Liberty logo on them. I have to say - I expected more.

That said I just think the hi-tops are beyond cool. I want them now with rolled up denim. And the flats are so great for work and in seasonal pastel they're surely a winning style. Finally the bag - I'm led to believe that the tapestry look will be huge for A/W '12 so why not get into Clarks now and snap this up? A season ahead of itself; this looks set to see you right through.

I highly recommend having a look because, as I said, there really is something for everyone. For a direct link to the entire collection click here (but be warned..get ready to click 'Add to Basket' several times.)

Happy shopping!


Water, Water Everywhere

Almost fell over with excitement when I saw the press shots of these beauties.

Once again H&M have done it - gone all fashion-for-charity on us.

This time it's for Wateraid - 25% of each purchase goes to the charity. And as we all know this means it's almost obligatory you buy.

Hitting their site and around 200 stores May 30th I think I'll be taking the morning off to clean up.

It's all very Stella McCartney SS'12-esque. There are some more pieces that I wasn't really a fan of so sorry, no shots of them. And some stunning jewellery but couldn't get shots of them but think Mawi chunky earrings and necklaces and you're on the right road.

Below are my favourite pieces. The day after they go into stores I fly out to Barcelona for a week and I need (not want) these in my suitcase...



When I saw the press shots on these H&M beauties I knew I had to make them mine and, happily, they hit stores this weekend.

I popped in this lunch hour to grab them before they'd gone but accidentally bumped into something else - as well of course.

For those of you who don't know H&M are the only shop on the high street not to have a stockroom - everything they have you see. Which means if you see something you like don't be so sure it'll still be there in 3 days after you've been paid - as I have found out many a time this simply isn't likely.

Anyway - here they are.

The earrings are pretty self explanatory but it's the tee that really caught my eye for it's style.

The main body is a soft cotton but the sleeves change to a silk mix fabric with the large, gold diamantes stitched onto them.

This year I've made a sort of personal style decision - gone are my days of cheap basics; I think I have found that my boyish figure best suits classic, clean, tailored shapes and the sleeves on this tee lend the much needed structure element for me.

To say I'm not really one for 'bling' I appear to have outdone myself today but I think they're both great buys to see me through S/S 12 and beyond.

Tee | £24.99
Earrings | £5.99
Both H&M