HOW Many Pairs?!

Following on from the success of the post where I let you all into my handbag I decided to let you all into my shoe collection. Well, a part of it. The heeled, summer months part. (Winter shoes go into storage as soon as the sunny man makes an appearance every year - sometimes regrettably.)

It's safe to say I like shoes. The cost varies, the height of the heels varies, the colour varies. But the one constant is my love for them.

It doesn't matter to me whether they're from Primark or Prada (yes, I own both) I think if you have an item you enjoy you should preserve it - regardless of it's original cost. That's why I'm now on first name terms with my cobbler. That, and he's extremely easy on the eye.

I've even been known to take a friends shoes be fixed up before returning them if they've been left at my apartment after a night out and are looking a little upset for themselves. I know - bordering on Monica Geller crazy there. I just can't see good heels go to waste!

Most of mine are just for beauty (they all get worn, however) but a few really mean something to me.

For example these:

I bought these on my graduation day from University, 5 years ago, as a gift to myself and have worn them time and time again. They are so comfortable and lend themselves to so many situations. And I like the sort of surprise detail of the fabric platform and heel - from the front they look oh-so-normal then *pow* stripey heaven!

And then there's these:

I think almost all my friends have borrowed these for various occasions and loved them equally. They must be about 6 or 7 years old now but since when did coloured suede go out of fashion?!

And now...just a medley of lovely pics.

These were my ode to Balenciaga about 2 summers ago. I didn't have the funds for such a directional high end pair of heels at the time but I sure as heck could immitate them.

Have a great bank holiday all!

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