Fantastic Florals

When I recently heard that two of my favourite things (British heritage and shoes) were collaborating I think I let out an actual squeal of excitement.

Liberty and Clarks.

Inspired by my recent purchases I decided to first browse their website and I was thrilled. Now, I'd be lying if I said I loved every single design but then that's the point - the range caters for so many looks that I think, really, there's something for everyone - and even handbags!

My top styles are all below. Especially the desert boots. I've never been a huge fan of that shape of shoe before but suddenly it's all I can think about; with denim cutoffs and a chiffon button up. Oh, yes please.

I think this collab is genius. For such a quintessentially British icon as Liberty to join forces with one of the original high street giants is fantastic. Let's be honest - in this current economy every shop needs all the help it can get to draw folks in and get them spending. Which is why their Manchester store surprised me.

When I went in yesterday evening on a hunt for the hi tops and desert boots (both out of stock) there was nothing to immediately point me in the direction of the Liberty collection.

In fact, upon further inspection the collection wasn't even all together but dotted around the shop with styles similar to each shoe. I really feel Clarks have missed a trick here - they could do with large signage indicating the collaboration and a set area for the entire collection to look its best.

Liberty is a dripping with British heritage; synonymous with class and style. So why not use this to get people into their shops? I think it's mad! And the only way I would have known the Liberty pieces (if I hadn't already Googled them) was via a couple of tiny purple boxes by the odd shoe with the Liberty logo on them. I have to say - I expected more.

That said I just think the hi-tops are beyond cool. I want them now with rolled up denim. And the flats are so great for work and in seasonal pastel they're surely a winning style. Finally the bag - I'm led to believe that the tapestry look will be huge for A/W '12 so why not get into Clarks now and snap this up? A season ahead of itself; this looks set to see you right through.

I highly recommend having a look because, as I said, there really is something for everyone. For a direct link to the entire collection click here (but be warned..get ready to click 'Add to Basket' several times.)

Happy shopping!

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