Anybody for a Rave(r)?

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of posts this past week. Work has been hectic to say the least.

As you know I am a fashion agent and in the past 7 days we have been approached by, and have taken on, a label we've been very interested in for some time now. Taking on a new label is usually a few weeks of emails, phone calls, meetings and negotiations so to say it's almost signed, sealed and delivered in a 7 day period is a little crazy.

Unfortunately I can't yet say who they are just in case a customer of mine finds themselves on here and I've inadvertantly told another agency they're a label down before they've been officially told.

Anyway, that aside here's a post to tell you about my latest loves.

Recently I've been on a bit of an H&M hype but it appears I may be coming into the season of Topshop.

In the past I've not really raved over their product, finding it a little over priced, but when I saw these beauties at £55.00 I could not resist.

The Raver

When I'd initially bought them I had my usual worry that I'd not be able to actually find outfits for them but luckily they've settled into my wardrobe with the same gusto I do my duvet after a long day; like they were never meant to be anywhere else.

As previously mentioned this week has been a mad one so I've not managed to take shots of me wearing them but, with the help of Polyvore and Photoshop, I've recreated them.

Have a look:

This is what I wore on Tuesday to some last minute meetings in London. I love chunky heels because they give the height and smartness to an outfit but the thickness of the heel means they're so ridiculously comfy I doubt I'd be happier in Converse (that, and my personal rule is no flats until Friday.)

The necklace I wore was actually that H&M neon and crystal one that's been getting oodles of press but it wasn't on Polyvore so I substituted.

This is how I wore them to the bar opening I wrote about last week. With a lovely printed midi dress, leather jacket and my old, faithful 2.55. Kept my makeup palette neutral as I felt the outfit was loud enough.

And this is how I intend to wear them tomorrow evening for a chilled dinner with friends. Old jeans never fail me, a comfy Topshop jumper and my Tillie, all with a scoosh of Molecule perfume.

They might be the most versatile pair of shoes I've ever invested in..

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