All You Need Is Love. (And Swarovski.)

Well there's nothing like a good wedding to get love in the air and just when I thought it was all about to die down it turns out I've completely let a major date slip my mind. Valentine's Day is just around the corner! (Men: consider this your 1 week warning!)

Now, admittedly, I'm not usually one to celebrate this date but honestly that's probably because up until now nobody's really bothered about it but this year OH says we can't let it pass without some attention paid to it. And while I realise he probably means a nice home-cooked meal and DVD session I'm now thinking something more along the lines of these beautiful pieces, all by Swarovski...

Serenade Necklace £119.00
Sensible bracelet £74.00
Sensible small pendant £74.00
Nirvana Petite Rosaline ring £109.00 
Script Love charm £29.00 
Tricia Pierced earrings £39.00
Tasha key ring £54.00 
Nirvana ring £139.00 
Serenade pendant £39.00 
Tasha pierced earrings £69.00

All items above have their respective links beneath them so click away!

I think my personal favourites are the Tasha pierced earrings, the Nirvana ring and the Tasha key ring.
But if there's nothing above that is catching your eye enough to print it out and plant it in his pocket (the most subtle of hints I think you'll agree!) then why not look here at the entire Valentine's collection Swarovski are featuring in their online shop?

Happy Valentine's - let's hope it's a sparkly one!

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