Playing Footsie.

I'm not sure if any of you read the disturbing 'news' lately but this particular subject has been weighing heavy on my mind for a couple of weeks now so I've finally decided to air it out.

For years women have wondered, "Does this dress/that blouse/these trousers make me look fat?" But it appears we've been focusing on all the wrong places for pound-shedding illusion clothing. It's apparently all in the feet(!) (Ok, nobody's saying 'all' but whatever.)

A Vogue panel of experts has come together to decide platform shoes are OUT and single-sole, skinnier heeled shoes are IN. And, get this, their premise for supporting such a trend change? Our platforms are making us fat, or at least appear that way.

Yes, I can feel you doing it too - mentally totting up the % of your shoe wardrobe that has now been declared unacceptable by the almost biblical publication. It was the first thing I did too.

But really, if a heavy weight like Vogue is going to make such a swathing comment they surely cannot expect us to 'rectify' the situation without a hefty financial injection from themselves, no? Ok, no. But we can dream.

Instead I have resigned myself to the fact I own platform shoes that I still love, and I don't think make me look fat! I mean, really, as if women don't have enough body issues thrown at them from almost every glossy out there we now have to worry that our footwear is giving our clothes size away?! Give me a break.

I think this is perhaps the part of the article I take most issue with:

According to Bruno Frisoni, who designs his own line in addition to being the creative director of Roger Vivier, “There is something animal in the [single-sole] look—you feel the curve of the foot.” Bay states frankly that, “men really don’t like platforms—they find them totally unsexy. For them, even a kitten heel would be better.”

Honestly, if I met a man who even knew what a kitten heel was I'd be surprised but if he then went on to explain to me how he felt I would look sexier in one than a platform I'd think he needed his head testing. For one kitten heels are an abomination and, in my opinion, create more problems than they solve - cankles, anyone? And for two, I don't know about you, but I don't dress purely so the male of the species can appreciate me. I dress in things I enjoy and, more often than not, want my girlfriends to appreciate too. I do not dress for some stranger of the opposite sex I may or may not stroll past in the street.

I know this blog is usually reserved for lighter subject matters such as nail varnish or hair dye but this particular subject just got my back up a little. Mind you, I'm never one to miss an opportunity for a few new pairs of shoes (keeping my platforms firmly in my wardrobe, thank you!) and look at these single-soled stunners I've just found on ASOS...

Available here

Available here

Available here

Available here

I love, love, LOVE the last pair. And in the sale... The temptation is almost too much to handle. I might give in.

I sincerely hope that, like me, the majority who have come across the aforementioned Vogue article have dismissed it as fashion gone mad because I really think that's all it can be attributed to - madness.

And remember - no, your feet do not look fat in that!

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  1. awww shoes been buying too many of them lately !


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