After an absolutely brilliant weekend away celebrating the wedding of two excellent people I am back and just about recovered (well, it was an Irish wedding - I've needed a few days!)

As mentioned in my last post we'd all piled over to Belfast for the festivities. It's a city I'd never before visited so I was already excited. Add a wedding into the mix and my fear of flying was almost, almost forgotten. (OH might beg to differ since I almost crushed his hand in my vice-like fear-grip!)

I didn't get the plethora of images I was hoping for mainly because we were all having so much fun all weekend getting my phone out was often forgotten but here's a little insta-mix of what I did get.

Apparently OH and I didn't get the memo about being appropriate wedding guests. In our defense this was late into the night after a few (a lot of) Irish whiskeys. Also, after seeing some of the official photos it seems we were not alone in our state of revelry.  In fact, against some others we probably look quite demure here!

Belfast was a fantastic city and I'd definitely be keen for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th visit. So much to do and see.

And once again - congratulations Jenny and Sam on a beautiful wedding and brilliant weekend.

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