A Clear Trend.

So it appears we are all about flashing our contents these days. The contents in question are those of our handbags. What started as a micro trend has become a fully fledged 'thing' and doesn't look set to die down any time too soon. The item I'm referring to is in fact perspex bags. Or plastic bags, if you will. But that really puts one in mind of a Tesco bag full of this weeks shopping, does it not? Perspex it is then!

Seen in the mitts of everyone from bloggers to magazine editors they are now sneaking their way onto the high street and nestling nicely into the top 5 of my current shopping wish list.

Of course it means editing the contents of ones bag rather strictly. A bunch of screwed up receipts and a half eaten packet of mints doesn't really scream, "Got my shit together!" now, does it? But then comes the secondary, and in my opinion most important, level to this look. A smaller, inner, opaque bag. This is where those receipts can nest in peace away from prying eyes. So to the outside world I'm all Chanel hand mirrors, leather notebooks and slick smart phones but inside that inner bag is where the party's really at.

If you, like me, are intrigued by this pick-pocket friendly trend check out my top 10:

Charlotte Olympia | Spider Clasp Pandora Clutch | £645.00
New Look | Perspex Hard Box Clutch | £12.99
Forever 21 | Studded Clear Tote | £13.00

Accessorize | Dotty Perspex Clutch | £29.00
Forever 21 | Neon Boston Bag | £9.75
Alice + Olivia | Lucite Box Clutch | £195.00

Bruuns Bazaar | Bette Clutch | £49.00
American Apparel at ASOS | Clear Backpack | £50.00
Alexander McQueen McQ | Large Fabric Bag | £78.00
H&M | Makeup Bag | Sold out online but still available in most stores

I can't quite pinpoint what it is about this look that appeals to me so much. Perhaps I've been suppressing my desire to parade all my lovely possessions in front of everyone and, until now, wasn't sure how to. Who knows? I certainly don't, but what I do know is I want one! While Charlotte Olympia is the undisputed queen of this trend there are a lot of alternatives in all price ranges so expect to see me clutching one of the above beauties soon - just don't ask me to open that inner bag...

I'll leave you with my clear (teehee) favourite from the catwalks. I mean, seriously. *swoon*

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