Around The World In 80 Gems.

It's been a good week. Fantastic in fact. After 8 weeks of job hunting I finally got an offer I could barely believe, let alone refuse. So a week next Monday I rejoin the working masses and I couldn't be more excited about it. City centre based, but with lots of travel, I am optimistic that this job is going to blow everything I've known so far in my career right out of the water.

So I'm sure you can understand why, when I received a parcel from Swarovski, I pinched myself to check I was actually awake. New job and new jewellery? Too good to be true.

When I opened the parcel a smaller blue box was inside with a postcard attached to it explaining its surprise presence in my life:

"Dear Sarah,
Swarovski welcomes you to Tropical Paradise.
We have launched our first ever fashion-inspired online travel guide and we'd love to invite you on our journey.

Visit to find out more.
Love, Swarovski"

I think we can all imagine how quickly I opened the attached box to examine the contents. 

Nestled inside was a very beautiful friendship style bracelet - but as you can see this particular bracelet packed a punch. Seven Swarovski crystal punches to be precise.

My next stop was the accompanying website I'd just been enlightened about. The front page is intriguing and opens into a fashion focused site full of travel and style tips. Taking inspiration from the likes of Etro, Elie Saab and Oscar de la Renta, Swarovski have really upped the stakes with this latest campaign. It's all about matching their gems to your travels.

Having just launched this month it's a growing project which is even offering competitions to win a trip to their chosen destination each month - February: Rio, March: Amazon, April: Mexico etc. If that isn't enough to catch your attention I don't know what is!

After entering this months competition the only thing left for me to do was slip on my lovely gift and enjoy it!

Thanks Swarovksi, see you in Rio! (Hopefully!)

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