Many moons ago I was about to trek up the Atlas mountains in Morocco when I suddenly realised I was without suitable footwear. I had to make a snap decision purchase in the souks. One of the best sartorial decisions I've ever made.

Aqua Converse All Star high tops. (I'm aware it's highly unlikely they're authentic but they have been incredibly hard wearing and I adore them.)

It's been a long standing love affair but alas...they have started to look their age. A small hole appearing near the ankle was a sign I needed to invest in something new.

I have purposely never washed them as they still have red mud stains on the inner rim of the white rubber from the Moroccan mountain trek and they just mean something to me.

Apart from their ever ageing appearance, vibrant blue isn't always the easiest colour to create an outfit around.

Cue: White Converse All Star high tops!

I got them this past weekend from Selfridges - so I have faith these are at least the real McCoy - and today is their first outing.

Here's how I styled them:

Shoes | Converse@Selfridges
Rubberised leggings | American Apparel
Tunic/Dress | John Zack
(unsure where this is available as mine's from my agency)
Watch | Michael Kors
Necklace | ASOS
Scarf | gift


What do you think..?