Walking On Sunshine

So the post today is no mystery - I already told you yesterday this was coming.

A neon heels one. Hurrah!

When purchasing the gems yesterday evening the assistant professed her love for them then asked if I actually had anything to wear them with. I didn't divulge to her the hours of thought put into building looks around them - a short and confidence lined, "Yup!" and I was off.

The tunic/dress is one I bought about 3 months ago in an ASOS sale for, if I remember correctly, about £10.00. There was something I loved about it but once it was in my possession it proved a little harder to pair up with anything in my wardrobe. That was until the heels made an appearance. A near colour match to the gem neckline detail and we're in business.

The bag is actually not in shops yet as I am very lucky to have a housemate who works in fashion too and gets access to these things early. But never fear - keep an eye on the blog and I'll be telling you where it's from soon. Not from where you'd expect but tip - their upcoming S/S and A/W accessories and shoes are set to be taking the high street by storm.

Anyway - enough waffle. Here's today's outfit choice:

Earcuff | ASOS
Tunic | ASOS
Jeans | sample sale
Shoes | H&M
Bag | ??? (not in store yet)
Ring | Arty Inspired YSL


  1. Those shoes are stunning and really elegant - you look v v chic :D xxx


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