A Moan

I'm a little devastated. I love my food and have a few fail safe restaurants around Manchester - you know, one for Thai, one for Mongolian, one for French etc. But in the past month TWO have offered such bad customer service I now need new versions of them.

I've decided to name and shame them as I emailed the 1st and after their initial 'we're taking this seriously' email I've heard not a peep and I can't be bothered starting all that again with the 2nd.

The first is Cicchetti - the San Carlo groups latest establishment. Situated in the bottom of Kendals but with a street entrance it serves Italian tapas in beautiful surroundings and the quality is amazing - don't even get me started on the reasonable pricing. I loved it there - it was my go to place for friends, family, dates etc but a few weeks ago I slipped on their over polished floors and have, as a result, a large, unattractive scar on my ankle now - you can imagine how great it looks in strappy heels.

At the time I was so embarrassed by my fall I just left but when I sent them pictures of the cut and swelling they immediately replied saying they were taking it very seriously as it was their flooring that caused the injury and they would be back in touch within a day or so.

Since then I've emailied them twice more, with pictures of what is now a scar and had no response. I think this is awful service and they have the attitude that they're so big now what does it matter to them if one person stops going there. So I implore you - find another Italian, these people don't care for your money anyway, it would seem.

The second happened about an hour ago.

As shown in my post about the contents of my handbag I have a little voucher book for offers around the city. I went to use one this lunch in my favourite healthy fast food restaurant Rice in Piccadilly Gardens. My voucher was for 2 for 1 on mains so a colleague and I decided we'd treat ourselves - it is Friday after all.

I strolled in, voucher in hand, to be told they no longer offered that. When I explained it expires mid May they said they still couldn't honour it. Too embarrassed to protest more and cause a scene I made my order and left £15.00 lighter. I would never usually spend this on my lunch which is why the offer really appealed and while I understand the T's&C's state they can withdraw the offer at any time I just think it's poor form.

I'll certainly be thinking twice before I go in there again - at the very least they could have offered me a can of Coke worth all of 13p to them as a compromise. But no, a flat 'no' and an expensive order later and I am annoyed.

Why is service so poor these days? It's sad to think that when we are treated well in a shop or restaurant we're grateful for that. Grateful to be treated nicely and our custom appreciated. Am I alone in thinking this is mad?!

That's it - I'm going on an Italian food course and getting my wok out - sorry Cicchetti and Rice, you've lost my custom well and truly.

What about you? Any bad customer service experiences you want to vent?

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