It's In The Details.

Apologies for the radio silence; the last week has been a flurry of job hunting, seeing friends and slowly but surely moving house as and when I have access to a car.

Today's deposit of belongings back to the family home was all those little details that make your room really feel like yours: necklaces, photos, framed postcards etc. and as I was setting them up around my room I thought I'd take a few shots and show you some of those little details that make my every day just that bit shinier.

The wood you can see some of my necklaces hanging from was my wonderful Christmas gift from the OH. After seeing something similar on a blog some months ago and describing it to him recently he sneakily went off and made me one. I love it!

Photos of friends are so important to me, they remind me who my nearest and dearest are and keep great memories vivid. The beautiful hand-painted plate was a gift from my BFF Hannah and her lovely boyf - they always bring me amazing pieces back from their travels around the world, lucky me!

That's all for today I'm afraid as I've a few more 'loads' in the car to do before I can relax with a cup of tea and watch Miranda with my mum. Roll on 9pm!

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