Spring/Summer Shimmer.

Some mornings when you wake up things can look a little dull; grey skies, a bit of drizzle and low temperatures. Well, for me, that was certainly made impossible today by a very colourful press pack from Swarovski that had landed in my inbox overnight.

Their S/S 13 collection is slowly trickling into stores and becoming available online and my oh my there are some absolutely incredible pieces in it. The collection is huge so there really is a piece to suit every occasion which is great. However, I haven't been able to feature every item therefore I've chosen some of my favourites - so I hope you enjoy my picks!

Just look at some of these amazing rings that are already available online:

My favourite has to be the Translucent ring. Anybody who knows me can vouch for the fact that I love jewellery featuring bugs. Off the top of my head I can think of a bee necklace, a beetle ring, a spider ring and some fly earrings that are currently sitting pretty in my jewellery box; so the Translucent ring works wonders for me! That said I have to admit that the Sketch ring is a very close second. That would make any outfit absolutely shine - it's exquisite.

Next up, check out these earrings:

Toco Flamingo earrings | coming soon
Torpedo earrings | coming soon

There's really no need to explain why I've picked the Tangara earrings out - their appeal and beauty are clear to see. They make me want to RSVP to the next black tie event and wear them from now until then! The Toco Flamingo earrings are part of a set (more later) and I just think look great. The same with the Torpedo earrings. I've long been a fan of Mexican death skulls and it's a sort of strange personal goal to one day paint my face at a festival in the style of one so this particular cell of the collection really resonates with me.

And where would anyone be without an excruciatingly attractive accessory or two?

Because who doesn't need a pair of show stopping sunglasses?
I couldn't resist the bag. I know it's turned the 'bling dial' up to 120% but there's just something about it that means it, for some reason, isn't too much. I think I'd even love it with a basic grey tee, old jeans and black heels. And another installation of the Torpedo group - this time a charm-esque bracelet - coming soon.

My final picks from the collection are all necklaces because we all know how I love a good statement piece hanging round my neck.

Ladies and gentlemen please remain in your seats for the entire performance:

Translucent pendant | £159.00
Thyra necklace | £949.00
(This actually comes with a section to extent the main embellishment of the necklace further - this is removable and can be worn as a bracelet also - amazing!)
Toco Flamingo pendant | coming soon

I've always loved Swarovski so I'm thrilled to be sharing some sneak peeks of the upcoming collection with you. From lower key pieces to absolute head turners, they have it all this season.

I hope you've enjoyed this foray into the glamourous life of crystal as much as I have - I feel some spending coming on!

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