The Cut(ting) Edge.

So I did it. I kept my appointment and finally got my hair professionally cut. What I failed to mention in my last post was that, for the last little while, I've been taking my hair style into my own hands. Literally. I trimmed it and kept half an eye on my fringe but after months of this it was starting to look a little lop-sided so I needed a specialist to step in.

Here's the pictures I shoved in the poor hairdressers face as soon as I arrived:

Yes, I went for The Claudia.

Of course the usual thing still happened - despite me stating exactly what I wanted there was the predictable conversational tussle over trying layers, a different length, different fringe or colour etc. etc. I don't know what it is with hairdressers and my hair but only 1 or 2 over the years have ever just said, "OK," and got on with what I've asked for.

Still, after slightly more insistence than I was wanting she cut it blunt and sorted my fringe and here's how my head's looking now.

I'm absolutely thrilled with it and will now make the vow not to leave it so long again. This is a look I want to preserve.

Tomorrow's task: copying Claudia's eye makeup! Anyone any tips for me?

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