The Purrfect New Accessory.

Fashion - my first love. It has always been something that has fascinated me since I was a little girl; admiring stylish women from afar and, foolishly in hindsight, willing myself to grow up so that I could be in charge of my every sartorial decision and relish in each one.

Now that adulthood has well and truly enveloped me and my passion for all things trend-led has only multiplied. I have been privileged to be able to work in the industry too, enjoying all its twists and turns and learning as much as my eyes and ears can take in.

So it's ironic really that my latest buy bares a striking resemblance to a childhood fancy dress prop.

Ladies and gents let me introduce you to my new ears.

Look, I'm a cat/dog!
My new cat ears to be precise.

When I saw, some weeks ago, that high street giants Topshop were selling a bowler-esque hat with cats ears atop I almost fell over with excitement. Then I saw the price...£22.00.

Now I know it's hardly a bank-breaking charge for a cool new accessory, and usually I may not have been so deterred from parting with my pennies but I'm currently 'without job' so I need to make every pound stretch.

So here's where my secret weapon comes into play. Ebay. A few clicks and I'd located an almost identical product for £5.09 and free postage. Now before you go thinking there must be a catch...there is. Said hat was in China. But for £5.09 I wasn't arguing so quickly committed to the purchase.

It arrived this morning. It's been on my head since.

If you love it as much as me here's a link to the item and it comes in a variety of colours. It's taken 12 days (inc. weekends) to get to me which I think is great.

Obviously I understand there are those of you who don't mind Topshop pricing and would prefer the option of next day delivery so here's their link too.

What appeals to me so much about this hat is that it is all about whimsy. And really, once you take fashion so seriously that you can't laugh at yourself once in a while it's time to get out of the game - you're too jaded.

Hours of fun.

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