Style Saver.

First and foremost.

So we've made it.


The world didn't end, I managed to avoid putting on 16 stone in mulled wine weight and my festive period was just the right mix of relaxing and party filled. All in all I've had a pretty satisfactory start to the year of my lucky number. No, not 2013 - that's a bit obscure - 13 is my lucky number so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for bigger and better things coming my way.

I'm still on the job hunt and have now entered the last month of my inner city living. Having lived in the centre of Manchester almost constantly since I was 18 the extended move back home will feel a little suburban at first I'm sure but with access to a car I'm sure I'll not be away from it long.

And so we've come to that time of year again - the sales. Not one to ever bow out of such tantalising flurries of discounts I immediately looked at my favourite brands; and then teased myself with some others knowing full well that with my next wage slip out of reach I couldn't go anywhere near some things even at their sale prices!

I'm not one to brave the crowds, partly because I can think of nothing worse that trying to snatch the last scarf from under someones nose and partly because I enjoy the time with my family too much to give it up to angry shoppers and frustrating queues. So it's online for me!

First it was Zara:

I've needed a good pair of riding style boots for ages but never found quite the right pair for me. Well, it turns out if you chuck a load of studs at some leather that'll pretty much float my boat and as they were down to a jaw-dropping £40.00 it was a no-brainer really. I mean £40.00 for leather boots? C'mon!
(They're sold out now...sorry!)

I'd really like to be able to style these a little something like the lovely Annette Tang from The Versastyle (above) and not always plump for the safe ensemble of jeans, jersey top, statement necklace and parka so maybe a post on how many outfits I can pair them with will be up soon.

Then it was Vero Moda (via House of Fraser.)

I have a friend who every time I see her looks great. And every time I ask where that dress/shirt/jumper/skirt was from as I'd love a similar one/pair/seven the answer is almost always Vero Moda. How this brilliant gem of a brand has stayed off my radar for so long only serves to make me feel a little ashamed of myself for not giving it it's dues sooner.

But I have taken the plunge and made my first purchase - a beautiful silk-feel top with animal print sequin detailing on the sleeves. It's a great piece as it gives a day time outfit a glam punch or popped on tucked into a skater skirt and some killer heels and you've got a great bar outfit too.
It was £28.00 and is now a mere £14.00 but with limited stock you'd better snap yours up quickly! Here.

Then it was

Like the boots I have needed a good pair of black jeans...well, forever. I only own blue denim pairs which I love and wear religiously but it seemed time for a black pair to enter the fray and Michael Kors has sorted me out.

I love the zip detailing at the ankles and that all the metal work is gold. I'm much more a 'gold' person than a 'silver' one so these are just my dream pair. They fit like a glove, are the perfect length for flats or heels and, so far, have received a compliment from nearly everyone I've worn them in front of. Not bad for a week old pair of trousers.

They were £110.00 which is what you'd expect from premium brand jeans but they were down to £77.00 and with an extra 10% off on the particular day of purchase. These are now sold out too I'm afraid but has a ton of similar pairs and today's an extra 25% off so get clicking.

Those are my three main joys this year but here are the others I've been taunting myself with. Enter Zara (again,) Michael Kors (again,) and Mulberry.

As you can tell I'm quite the animal print fan.

The boots were £79.99 and are now £49.99. The jumpsuit was £215.00 and is now £86.00 (but, thankfully, is no longer available in my size.) And those shoes...oh, those shoes...were £425.00 and are now a snip (ha!) at £255.00.

I've been after the Mulberry shoes for months now and am praying they are discounted again as, at the moment, all sizes are still in stock so they appear to be a bit of a niche item.

Here's hoping anyway!

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