On The Hunt.

I know it's been a while since my last post and you'd be forgiven for thinking I'd been caught up in festive hysteria which led to the abandoning of my blog but unfortunately that's not been the case.

The company I was manager for went into liquidation last week so, as of last Monday, I have been without a job.

I loved the company I worked for and I know my boss would have done everything in her power not to let the closing of the business happen but it couldn't be avoided and as a result I have been left on a major job hunt right before everyone's Christmas and New Year close down period.

Redundancy isn't new to me, I chose a career in a luxury sector - fashion; and while people have to continue to buy food no matter what the economic climate, they don't have to continue buying new clothes every month so I've been in this position before.

But this time it's hit me a little harder; I'm not sure if it's because it's just before Christmas, because I was so happy there or because it's called into question where I will be living in a matter of weeks (moving back to my family home is seeming increasingly likely) or a combination of all three but I've been feeling a little blue about it.

I've been on a strict regime of up early, shower, eat and crack on with job applications. No daytime TV for me!

I'd love to stay in sales but I've also got experience in buying, merchandising, product development and marketing so where I'll end up next is anybody's guess - and really quite exciting.

I'll keep you posted (excuse the non-intentional pun) but if the frequency of articles dips a little please forgive me - I will be back to full capacity in no time, I'm sure!

Now, where did I put that mince pie...?

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