God Save The Queen ('s feet)

This weather has really delighted me recently - and made packing for Barcelona tomorrow much easier now that all my summer pieces are fresh in the front of my wardrobe.

I am well and truly in the sunshine frame of mind and as you all know am a long standing fan of British heritage anything. So Havaianas most recent release has thrilled me somewhat.

They've created a jubilee pin that can be applied to any pair of Havaianas - making your feet instantly monarch friendly. Unfortunately there are only 500 available and only from their London Broadwick Street store and London and Manchester Selfridges so they won't last long.

But don't despair if a pin is out of reach for you - check out their summer 2012 collection. I used to think Havaianas were a one trick pony but look at all the styles! Incredible.

I really think there's something for everyone in this season's collection. My personal favourites have to be the ones with the trainers printed on them. Too cool.

I'm not really one for glitzy shoes but I wanted to include the pictures to show you how much is on offer because it sure surprised me. That said I am loving the little gold skull and crossbones on the white pair.

I have a pair of gold Havaianas slims and they have lasted years  - they were in fact a Christmas gift (I was in Australia - flip flops made sense as a gift in that heat!) but it won't be long until I have a small collection happening - starting with the printed trainer pair. Seriously, just too cool.

All available on their website here take a look and make sure a pair are included in your holiday suitcase. They're in mine!

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