Organised Chaos

You may have gleaned from recent posts that tomorrow I am Barcelona bound for almost a week.

With this is mind last night was dedicated to creating outfits for the upcoming days. There's nothing worse (in my head) than returning from holiday and finding half the items you've packed never saw the light of day - that space could have been used for new things!

My mum is someone who I trust my style with so I took pictures of all outfits and potential accessories for day/night and emailed them all to her for the once over and any alterations.

Now I'm not sharing full outfits with you as my sister, who is an amazing photographer, will be with me and be able to get great shots while I'm out there but here's a sneak peek of what to expect from me, sartorially, in the next week.

If I don't manage to post while I'm away expect a big 'un next week upon my return.

Have a great Bank Holiday/Jubilee weekend all!

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