When I saw the press shots on these H&M beauties I knew I had to make them mine and, happily, they hit stores this weekend.

I popped in this lunch hour to grab them before they'd gone but accidentally bumped into something else - as well of course.

For those of you who don't know H&M are the only shop on the high street not to have a stockroom - everything they have you see. Which means if you see something you like don't be so sure it'll still be there in 3 days after you've been paid - as I have found out many a time this simply isn't likely.

Anyway - here they are.

The earrings are pretty self explanatory but it's the tee that really caught my eye for it's style.

The main body is a soft cotton but the sleeves change to a silk mix fabric with the large, gold diamantes stitched onto them.

This year I've made a sort of personal style decision - gone are my days of cheap basics; I think I have found that my boyish figure best suits classic, clean, tailored shapes and the sleeves on this tee lend the much needed structure element for me.

To say I'm not really one for 'bling' I appear to have outdone myself today but I think they're both great buys to see me through S/S 12 and beyond.

Tee | £24.99
Earrings | £5.99
Both H&M

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