In The Doghouse

Last night I was lucky enough to be on the guest list for the new Black Dog Ballroom NWS launch night.

Following the huge success of their Northern Quarter premises the boys with the magic ingredients have opened a second site on New Wakefield Street (hence the NWS part of the bars title) and wow...did they go big!

In the unit where Pure Space used to be there is now a sprawling 3 floors of Black Dog goodness to lose yourself in - complete with obligatory pool tables, of course.

Perhaps my favourite part is the roof terrace. All glass ceilings and wooden flooring with an outdoor kitchen; this is the perfect mix of outdoors/indoors to enjoy a cold beer in. The glass doors all open to full capacity for those (rare) hot Mancunian days and I'm not sure I can think of a better place to enjoy the rays in the inner city.

Behind the small top floor bar is a large lit sign which just made me smile - 'Bruce's'. If you're not aware who Bruce is - you should be. He's The Black Dog this whole thing is named after. A Patterdale Terrier who can often be seen being walked in the Oldham Street area and if you're lucky is sometimes in the NQ site during the afternoon - complete with toys to play with. He's really a great dog and how many bars can you play with a dog in?! I love it!

Down a floor from the terrace are the pool tables and a large seating area - I'd guess perfect for a burger but I had no chance of getting a seat last night - the place was packed to the rafters; everyone enjoying themselves and with no plans of going anywhere else any time soon.

Down again and you have Underdog. This section is the most like the original bar - black tiled walls, lovely wooden floors, red leather booths and a nice sized dance floor. This is the one thing I always felt the NQ site was lacking; so it's good to know that when I'm really in the mood there's a space big enough for my shapes to be thrown in.

This place just oozes cool and if you haven't been yet get there - judging by last nights massive turn out I'd say it isn't long before there's a third Dog in the family and I, for one, can't wait.

And finally. The man himself...

Bruce overseeing some of the new site's construction process.

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