Sunny Days

Hello All!

I am back from my week in Barcelona...and devastated. From 28degree heat to this?! No bueno.

I managed to get some lovely shots of outfits but they're currently being processed so for now you'll have to make do with a montage of iPhone pics I gathered while away.

Back to full blogging capacity within the next day or so (in London tomorrow for work so never easy blogging on those days but we'll see..)

I love the style of this city. People dress (mostly) extremely well - the men look so much better than here in the UK. And the lifestyle is perfect - early mornings, siestas, socially orientated and everyone seems to own a dog; they are everywhere! I loved it so much I am enrolling in Spanish classes so the next time I go I can get even more out of my time there.

The blurred pics are of rollerbladers. At about 12.30am on Saturday night hundreds came flying past us as we ate tapas near our apartment. You would never get this here!

And the band playing were a jazz group who were performing on Sunday just to celebrate a small delicatessen near us turning 100years old. There is nothing I don't love about this city.

Take me back, Barca!

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  1. The band were more skiffle than jazz - I loved them :D


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