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A couple of nights ago I went to meet some friends in the pub after work, one in particular I hadn't seen for a while.

When I arrived she presented me with a Selfridges bag and explained, "I saw this and thought of you; couldn't resist. Don't get excited."

Don't get excited?! It's a Selfridges bag with a clearly beautifully wrapped item within it...What else is there to do but get excited?!

Seconds later the wrapping was off and I was clutching what has now become one of my favourite handbag items. A Lanvin notebook. "To jot blog ideas in when you're on the go."

The guys we were with couldn't understand my glee but then, most guys wouldn't would they?

And as luck would have it about 30 minutes later I had my first 'thing' to jot in it. At the table outside were a group of friends and on their table was something that caught my eye. A small black bag, in the shape of a cigarette box with the following print on it:

Upon further investigation it turned out the guy behind the design was also at the next table and explained he is a graduate graphic designer currently putting together an anti-smoking campaign.

Here's another:

Now, I'm not a smoker and while I don't judge those who do I do think people should be discouraged, for health reasons, so this cigarette body bag idea seems great to me. Yes, they're shocking but this is the point, no?

Below are the designer's details and tumblr address so have a look:

Happy weekend, kids. (Don't smoke!)


  1. Adore your blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :) xx

    / Malin @

  2. I'd love to - already done it in fact!

    Love yours too! Have a great day x


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