On Safari.

In this ever changing weather...although I'm not really sure what it changes from and to...from some rain to more rain, perhaps?

Anyway - in this horrid 'summer' we're having it can be a tricky one to work out what to throw on of a morning so today I took my direction from the animal kingdom and went a bit prints crazy.

I know you're not supposed to clash animal prints but I just don't care because I like the look, and folks used to say you can't wear brown and black together but who listens to that any more? Exactly.
(Note: Those of you who thought, "I still listen to that" can stop reading this from now onwards. It's for your own good.)

We'll all be in head to toe snake/zebra/cheetah print soon enough.

I love these trousers. They're new so I'm wearing them a lot lately while they're still fresh in my wardrobe. I really like how they look with my zebra shoes and necklace, paired with a plain, structured silk tee.

The ring is a very old old I actually can't remember where it's from. I know it's battered but I prefer to see it as 'it has personality' and until I find one I like equally I shall continue to sport it whenever the fancy takes me.

I also know I am a little sartorially different from most and regularly get looks in the street which reassure me that what I'm wearing/how I'm wearing it makes most people suspicious I may have recently been subject to a head trauma but this only fuels me further.

On that note have a great Thursday!


  1. To paraphrase the apocryphal Ford slogan: In Manchester, you can have any weather you like, as long as it's wet!

    Love the prints :D

  2. wow-you write well.


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