Pastel Palette

This week has been one of 'newness.' I finally made a jumper I've been meaning to, bought some rings I've been admiring and furthered my collar accessory catalogue.

Some time ago I met a friend for Sunday brunch and she appeared looking absolutely fantastic in a comfy, dip-dyed, studded jumper from Topshop. However, when I went to track it down I was a little disgruntled at the price. £45.00 for such a micro-trend based piece seemed a little steep to me so I got my thinking cap on and decided it was a definite 'DIY' job.

Some eBay shopping later and I had, winging their way to me, a basic jumper, flamingo pink Dylon dye and some studs.

It wasn't until this weekend that I got round to doing it but how cool does it look? Granted I got a bit impatient waiting for it to fade up the jumper so it's a little more 'blocked' than I'd hoped for but still, friends have asked me to do some for them too now!

A definite wardrobe favourite for this summer. Let's face it, with this weather it's bound to get a good lot of wear.

I've also partaken in a bit of actual shopping and it turns out they're all pastels so I must be mellowing in my old age. Lilac Barry M nails with H&M mattifying top coat, mint and silver shoes I actually picked up in Barcelona and a mint, embellished collar which, incidentally, matches the shoes perfectly.

All that and a set of gold rings and my accessories seem set to see me right through to the darker months.

Rings | ASOS
Collar | H&M
Shoes | Zara
Jumper, Dye, Studs | all eBay

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