Updates and Resets.

The beauty of having a housemate who works as a buyer in women's shoes is something that I, admittedly, sometimes undervalue. Well, not anymore!

In recent posts you'll remember I've been in search of a new sartorial identity and I think I'm onto something but the void between the 'old' and 'new' wardrobe can sometimes be made bigger by lack of funds to instantly update the whole thing.

This is where my housemate comes into her own. Last night she asked if I'd like to join her for a gig but as I already had plans I declined and ended up heading home earlier than her. On my way home she messaged me again and said to look in the yellow bag on the sofa as she'd got 'things' for me. Things? Things? 'Things' doesn't cover what gems awaited me. Three brand new pairs of slipper pumps from Matalan that I'd gushed over a few months back at their press day in London.

Of course I am wearing a pair today so here's a closer look.

What I love about them is the colour matched studs - I've still not seen this anywhere but Matalan and she got me the same pair in the cobalt that I had seen at the press day and adored so much. Both are actually available online now. Black here and Cobalt here.

Here's the cobalt version for you to feast your eyes on.

What I think I love the most about these is that the studs are on the outer edge and top of the foot only. Any girl who bought Topshop's iconic version last season will know the raw pain of dragging a stud across your inner ankle and the torturous, slow process of it healing. No need to worry about that here though - hurrah!

In other news I'm bored of my dip-dyed hair after a week so am dying it back tomorrow evening. I know, crazy Friday night plans, right?

So here's a last look at it before I reset it to its former glory. (This is it yesterday french plaited down one side.)

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