Wardrobe Additions.

Now that the season has officially changed (I'm sure it's dropped at least 5 degrees since I left my apartment this morning!) it's the time of year when I have to think about the logistics of swapping my S/S wardrobe with my A/W wardrobe that I keep stored at my Mum's house. Yes, I have too many clothes. No, I don't have enough space in my home to keep them so yes, I take advantage of my Mum.

The logistics become a little more complicated when you consider I haven't a car of my own and the door to door trip is about an hour long. That and the fact I have about 3 suitcases full of knitted goodness that, as the temperature continues to slump, I am finding I increasingly need. So I've decided to do a mental tot up of the things I actually need and cull those I don't.

But once again, just as I do every year, I've found myself in a frenzy of lust after this seasons new designs that have left me seriously considering trading in my winter-sun holiday for a couple of them.

Then again I'm in desperate need for some vitamin E so maybe I won't cancel those plane tickets just yet...

But if I did here's what I'd be lining up.

I know we're talking fantasies here but after this years catwalks were over I did notice a few glaring holes in my AW things so here's a more realistic few bits I need to purchase in the next few weeks.

 Topshop Knitted Shimmer Shoulder Sweat available here.

Oasis Sequin Animal Sleeve Sweater available at ASOS here.

ASOS Supersoft High Waist Ultra Skinny in Washed Grey #11 available here.
H&M Knitted Hat available here.

As you can tell the main colour I'll be sporting this season is grey. I've been a fan of the shade for many moons now so the fact the high street has latched onto it this year has me a little overjoyed.

Continuing the grey theme how about these for some amazing party season shoes from Available here. I definitely need to make these a buying priority. By far the coolest heel I've seen in some time.

And just before you worry I'll be a total wash out colour wise this season look at this beauty to add a pop of colour to any outfit throughout the colder months. Available here.

Whichever way you look at it I better get saving. Post-holiday of course!

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