Grey Matter

Grey. I love the colour. It's neutral. You can build it up or keep it simple. I've always admired it for that; dynamic little thing that it is.

So I was more than a little excited to see GOSH had brought out a limited edition colour in a lovely marl shade.

Groovy Grey. Couldn't be more underwhelmed by the name - so 90's it conjured up images of Spice Girls, Steps, Bewitched et al and almost, if anything, discouraged the sale. I mean c'mon 'Groovy' - are they kidding?!

Ridiculous title aside I still snapped it up. And I'm glad I did.

Three coats later (two would do, I just like to be thorough) and my nails look great. It's hard wearing too - had it on all weekend while I've been all outdoors-ey in The Lake District and not a chip. Impressed. The colour also lends itself to any jewellery one might want to pop on one's digits which is good. (Nothing worse than a nail, accessory clash, oui?)

As earlier mentioned it is a Limited Edition release so if you're anything like me and break into a jog at the sight of the shade get yours quickly - if I know anything about GOSH it's that their ability to restock is, unfortunately, non-existant (been after the same eyeliner for weeks now for 3 different outlets...no joy yet.) Available from most Superdrug stores.

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