Firstly, apologies for the silence. A combination of family birthdays, my birthday, meetings in London and fewer staff at work this past week has left blogging time at a minimum.

But I'm back, a year older and a few days sleepier (hectic week and it's only Wednesday!)

I know I'm slow on the uptake here but last week my phone upgrade was due. I've never been known to be one for the latest gadget - usually leaving this to the 'kids' to play with but I could not resist when the lovely operator told me I qualified for the latest iPhone. The 4S. You know, that one you can natter with. (I know this purely because The Big Bang Theory featured it in an extremely funny episode.)

Anyway - last Friday rolled round and with the day off work I wandered into Manchester to pick up my shiny, new toy. The first 'app' I downloaded? Instagram.

I have, for a long time, looked in envy at my friends images popping up on Facebook and Twitter and repeatedly cursed Blackberry for not having a similar program to process images through. So, sorry Blackberry but you lost out - traded in for one of Steve Jobs' creations. And I very much doubt I'll ever look back.

If you have an iPhone but you don't have this app - get it. You're missing out. If you have anything other than an iPhone - burn it. This program is amazing for anyone with even the slightest appreciation for visuals. And the camera on the phone is ridiculously good. I don't know what I was expecting but I certainly wasn't imagining it could make my digital camera look like a caveman's accessory.

It's like having a mini version of Photoshop at your fingertips. The ability to crop, enhance colours, alter focus and more is hard to resist and with this in hand we are all just a few clicks away from airbrushed perfection - although I'm still in debate as to whether this is actually a positive.

And the Instagram community is great fun - like a Twitter for images. As mentioned in an earlier post I love me some people watching and this definitely leans towards this - small portals into others every day lives.

Anyhoo...this typing malarkey is cutting into my Instagram time. Toodles.

And the images I'm sure you think are by!

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