The Perfect Canvas

Foundation. Quite literally the foundation of your daily makeup routine. But where to start?

My step dad actually works in the cosmetics chemical business and has always drummed it into me that if it's going directly onto your skin don't scrimp on it. The cheaper the product the cheaper the chemicals in it - hands up if you want budget chemicals applied directly to your face...Thought not.

I used to be a hardcore convert of Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation which suited my complexion down to the ground, didn't need reapplying at any time throughout the day and gave great coverage without being a thick, heavy consistency. I loved it. For years I loved it. Then they hiked the price up. Not by £1 or £2 but by £5. And I draw the line at spending over £30 no matter how fabulous the finish.

A friend of mine then recommended Bourjois as a cheaper alternative. At around £10 a pop I thought this wouldn't shock my step dad too much and was assured by my friend (who has flawless skin) that it was good quality, had a lovely finish and was kind to the bank account. So I tried it. Bourjois Healthy Mix to be precise.
Oh how I regret this now. It has left my face ruined. My poor skin has been dried out, despite moisturising sometimes 3 times a day with Olay. It feels tight, sometimes painful and definitely over sensitive. As someone who never suffered with spots through my teens and early twenties I am not happy to be discovering little outbreaks now...and days from my 26th birthday this is not an ideal time to hone a skin affliction.

So goodbye Bourjois. (Healthy mix my foot!)

After that little escapade I decided it was time to hot foot it to Selfridges beauty floor and get some advice. My housemate has a great foundation from Estee Lauder so i thought I'd go and see what they could do for me and after trying out 3-4 different types and colours we found a perfect match. Double Wear in Fresco. 

I tried it this morning for the first time and even on its first wear I can tell the difference. I've not had to reapply, my skin feels soft and with inbuilt SPF 10 I feel looked after. It retails at £26.50 which doesn't bother me as all I ever hear ringing in my ears is my step dads warning about cheap chemicals - and Bourjois proved that to me!

I'll let you know how it plays out but so far I have a good feeling about my newest beauty buy...


  1. your blog is very inspiring,
    come and pay us a visit sometime.

  2. Thank you so much. Yours is lovely too, if I'm ever in Melbourne I'll come people watching with you! :)


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