Nailed It

Over the past week or so I've noticed a trend of images popping up in my Bloglovin' and Hello Cotton newsfeeds and after my (probably) 200th click I decided to take heed. Jazzy nails for grown-ups.

Everyone remembers when they were children, stealing mums nail varnishes and running riot - more on fingers than nails. Polka dots, zig-zags, flowers (if you were very dexterous) and more. But around the age of 10 this usually fizzled out in order for one to hone ones 'I'm a cool teen' look, oui?

And that's where we left it - in the cobwebbed corners of our memories along with mud pies and kiss-chase (not at the same time of course, imagine the horror?!)

But it's back. And with a bang. Grown-ups are playing nail design again and what's more, it's totally acceptable!

In a world where terrible things are being made all the more accessible to us through media it sometimes feels like we need to take our rays of sunshine and whimsy where we can find them and I think this is the perfect way. It's simple, small and personal and every time you look at your hands it conjures a small smirk and lightens your mood just a little bit.

Not one to ignore an interesting new look I decided to mimic a design I'd seen and as last night was my night in this week that's exactly what I did.

Here's the look:

And here's my attempt:

I used Rimmel 60seconds in Rose Libertine (lovely name, don'tcha think?) and Makeup Academy in Silver (it's actually a 'crackle' varnish but over bare nails stays solid in colour)

What do you think? Partaking in the nail art trend? Let me know.

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  1. very handy, i especially like the cute'ickle fingers. high five.


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