I Spy With My Beady Eye

People watching. Observing folks. Staring. Call it what you want. I love it. I cannot get enough.
You know that weirdo in the cafe who holds a book but doesn't even read a word because they're busy taking in their surroundings? Yeah, that's me.

I don't know why I find others so fascinating - I just like to see what people are wearing, how they're styling their hair, what they're carrying etc.

It must run in the family as all pictures here are taken by my sister who is an extremely talented photographer with an amazing propensity for capturing the every day man. See more of her work at

So when, some years back now, I fell across The Sartorialist blog by Scott Schuman my prayers were answered. Daily people watching from the comfort of my desk? Yes please!

Now I know the book is no new thing - published in 2009 and a best seller - but it's taken me some time to get round to purchasing it. I am just now building my 'coffee table' book collection and this is a must have for all my fellow people watchers.

It finally arrived yesterday. The only risk I run is having a book in a coffee shop that I actually look at now!

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