Cannot Take A Step Backwards: EMU

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited to the press evening to preview Emu's A/W 12 clothing and shoe collection.

Now, as thrilled as I was, I have to admit prior to the event I knew relatively little about the brand as I'd always been smothered by popular culture into believing Ugg were the thing. In actual fact I only own one pair and those are for the truly frosty days Manchester can sometimes deal out. And when it's a 20 minute walk to work they are, at times, essential to ensuring I have feet at the end of the day.

Having now been to the press evening and viewed the array of product available from Emu I can happily say I am converted and don't ever want to look back.

Firstly I adore the brand name: Emu. The reasons behind it are all based around the characteristics of the bird but perhaps my favourite is that an Emu cannot take a step backwards so always remain moving forward. I think such a strong foundation line to a brand is essential and really reminds everyone what they're about: progression.

(A selection of the children's range of shoes. I don't know about you but I can certainly see Kingston Stefani rocking a pair of these!)

Obviously I had to ask the obligatory question: What makes your boots better than Ugg? And I was quickly answered. Anatomically correct insoles, rubber soles (very hard wearing - anyone who owns some Uggs will be familiar with the irritance associated with realising your soles no longer possess a crisp edge but a lazy worn away curve where the pressure's been on them), a moulded heel cup to stop that awful sideways slant you sometimes see people sporting, and brilliantly they are water resistant. I can vouch for this as the agent showing me the boots went on to pour a glass of water on the particular pair he had in hand and the moisture merely trickled off leaving not a mark. I was impressed.

I have to be honest...the typical ugg shape is not my favourite look for my feet so I was excited to see the huge variation Emu had to offer in terms of sheepskin lined lovelies. Biker boots, lace ups, moccasins and perhaps my favourite - the first fully sheepskin lined wellington boots on the market! Goodbye current Ugg boots, you are being replaced with these beauties as soon as I see the first leaves fall from the trees.

(If anyone's feeling generous I'm a size 6...in love with these!)

And in case the above wasn't enough to make you click onto Emu's site just wait until you hear the uber celebs who treasure theirs: Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, Courtney Cox, Alexa Chung, Louise Roe...I could go on.

I haven't even mentioned the accessories and clothing!

Fur gilets, leather jackets and knitted capes galore. I am in love. And I am counting down the days until I can get my paws on the beautiful ear muffs. I want them NOW!

It is safe to say I am already excited for this to hit stores and until it does I'll be clearing space in my wardrobe. Expect to see me in head to toe Emu come September. Delicious!

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