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Off the back of yesterdays post I've been somewhat dwelling on what S/S 12 has in store for me, personally, fashion-wise. Having flicked through the show reviews (again) I was instantly reminded of the look that so entranced me back in September during the fashion weeks. 

And that look? Mirror prints.

I think perhaps my favourite designer for this is Mary Katrantzou. With a degree from Rhode Island School of Design, a BA from Central St Martins, the 2009 Swiss Textiles award AND the Emerging Talent RTW Award earned at 2011s British Fashion Awards it is with no hesitation that I trust this designer to inspire me for the upcoming season.

 (A small selection from Mary Katrantzous S/S 12 collection)

By now I'm sure you've grasped that I have very little fear of colours, unconventional tailoring and everything in between. So when I saw this collection combining all my favourite things I almost melted on the spot. The one thing I do have a fear of however, is bankrupting myself so I have long been aware I'm going to need to find an alternative route to the mirror printed destination.

Happily, it was literally within a month of the shows that I had my answer at a buying meeting. Cue unlikely contender Lipsy UK. Obviously I can't give too much away about their upcoming pieces but if you go to their site the below two beauties are already sitting there just waiting to be teamed with a bright clutch and killer heels...and just you wait until you see what else they have coming in. It's all I can do not to manipulate my deliveries to let me get my mitts on a 3/4 sleeve stunner. (I'm SURE I'll be uploading pictures on here once that's arrived.)

Another high street retailer who has been all over this trend is Warehouse. I think they've got some fantastic pieces and the two below are actually in their Sale currently so go and snap them up before they realise their crazy decision and jack them right back up to full dollar!

Topshop is usually a good bet when checking out new trends but I have to say I'm bitterly disappointed with their offering in prints. The lack of colour, or any eye-catching feature really, is a real let down from a company whose design team are usually so on the ball. Sort it out Sir Phil, eh?

Unfortunately I've yet to purchase any mirror prints myself yet (seriously, that upcoming Lipsy dress is worth waiting for) so I've done my usual - a couple of Polyvore sets.

Yet more proof that Warehouse are the #1 high street reps of this look at the moment - both tops are from them! (Note: those dreamy Steve Madden nude platforms are so close to last year’s Louboutins but about a tenth of the price.) Enjoy.

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