Progress Report

So far I'm doing well. New Years Resolution-wise. The worrying is (I think) being kept to a minimum and I certainly couldn't be accused of over thinking anything. I am aware we're only 6 days in but with the age old phrase 'start as you mean to go on' ringing in my ears I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with myself thus far.

Or I was until a song came on. I'm pretty sure everyone associates music with memories. I know I certainly do. And while I'm totally fine 99.999% of the time some things take a little longer than others to get out from under your skin, oui?

That said it IS a beautiful song and the band need all the recognition they can get. Ladies and Gents - I give you Hope & Social (the track - Eurospin):

The video is great for a few reasons - taken in one shot and with members of the public as the audience members; but possibly the best factor is that when I asked someone where that particular bar is as I'd love to go they informed me it was in fact a temporary set put together in an old wine cellar that was closed up again after that one evening of dinner and music. HOW cool is that?

(Bottom right shot from my holiday in Morrocco in 2010 - a shot taken whilst en route to The Atlas mountains.)

On days like this I like to remember the little things that perk me up...holidays, the books I have in my To Read pile and a good cuppa (amongst many others things). Why the eye makeup image you might ask...Well the answer is simple. I'm a big believe in 'even if I'm feeling a little bad on the inside there is no reason for you to be able to tell from the outside.' So no matter how blue a day it is in my head it's always business as usual as far as my clothes and makeup go - because, let's face it, nobody is worth compromising fashion for now, are they?!

A final pearl (perhaps my next framed purchase for my apartment):

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